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Harry Potter




Discussion forum to explore the world of Jean Auel's books. Category: Literature\Genres

Similarities Between Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings

Single-page comparison between the 'Potter' books and 'The Lord of ... Category: Literature\Genres

Espresso Recommendations

Reviews of LoTR fan fiction (includes some other SFF works). Category: Literature\Genres

The Fantasy Forum: Wheel of Time Discussion

Discussion on the books, games, and speculation for future releases. Category: Literature\Genres

The Steelsings Tamora Pierce Page

Community with reviews, maps, an encyclopedia, fan fiction, chat rooms, ... Category: Literature\Genres

Charlotte's Web

Site developed by second-grade class about Charlotte's Web. Includes chapter ... Category: Literature\Children's

The Big Adventure books

Children's book series. Inter-active web site where you can play ... Category: Literature\Children's

Snufkin the Bestest

An excerpt from 'Moominsummer Madness' about Snufkin and his encounter ... Category: Literature\Children's


For kids and parents, features a vast book database, contests, ... Category: Literature\Children's

Harry Potter: His Horoscope and Astrology

Provides a horoscope for Harry Potter, a message board, and ... Category: Literature\Children's

Marauding Mayhem

Dedicated to the Marauders, includes a monthly fan art challenge, ... Category: Literature\Children's


Dedicated to Remus Lupin. Includes information on Remus and werewolves ... Category: Literature\Children's

Wikipedia: Severus Snape

Includes information on: his background, role in the series, and ... Category: Literature\Children's

Harry/Ginny Network

Fanlisting for the relationship between Harry and Ginny. Includes information, ... Category: Literature\Children's

Wikipedia: Sybill Trelawney

Contains information on her personality, career and the prophecy. Includes ... Category: Literature\Children's

Severly Ensnared - A Severus Snape Page

A site about the slytherin potions master containing fanfiction, theories ... Category: Literature\Children's

The Slytherin Shrine

Dedicated to Slytherin House, with information on characters, books, films ... Category: Literature\Children's

The House of Dobby

Site focuses on Dobby and the Malfoys with music videos, ... Category: Literature\Children's

Dumbledore Is Not Dead

Theories about the Harry Potter Universe. Focuses on Dumbledore and ... Category: Literature\Children's


Features character information, fanfiction archive and theories. Category: Literature\Children's

Sirius Black - Wikipedia

Includes a character biography, family tree and information on his ... Category: Literature\Children's

Sirius Black's

A website dedicated to Sirius Black with editorials and information ... Category: Literature\Children's

Twice as Nice

Weasley Twins fansite with information, interviews, galleries and fanfiction section. Category: Literature\Children's

Ron Weasley - Wikipedia

Descriptions of Ron Weasley's character, achievements and role in the ... Category: Literature\Children's

Harry Potter's Mystik Merchant

Message board on the books, movie and characters as well ... Category: Literature\Children's

Gryffindor Tower

Message board with forums for each of the four books, ... Category: Literature\Children's

Harry and Hermione's Secret Castle

A small forum for general talk. Category: Literature\Children's

Harry Potter Message Board

Common rooms for each house, discussion of each of the ... Category: Literature\Children's

Harry Potter Forums

Community and bulletin board dedicated to the books and films ... Category: Literature\Children's

Harry Potter Links

Links to news articles, commentary, and sites. Category: Literature\Children's

Wizarding World

Portal to Harry Potter and J.K.Rowling related sites. Category: Literature\Children's

J. K. Rowling on the Web

An annotated directory of links arranged by category. Includes official ... Category: Literature\Children's

Aduentus: The Libahunt Saga

A story set after Tom Riddle's, but before James Potter's ... Category: Literature\Children's

Edbydesign.com: Harry Potter

Includes topics for children to read and contribute to. Category: Literature\Children's

Harry Potter Fan Fiction

A story that feature Harry Potter and his imaginary cousin. Category: Literature\Children's

Magus Amor: The Harry Potter Archives

A collection of fan works, such as art, fiction and ... Category: Literature\Children's


Features the Marauders and other characters from that era. Category: Literature\Children's

The Unforgivable

Contains stories centered around Severus Snape. Category: Literature\Children's

Snape Fiction and Art

Where selective fanfiction and fan art related to Professor Snape ... Category: Literature\Children's

Padfoot's Hideaway

Features fan fiction, quotes, and news about the books. Category: Literature\Children's


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