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Sullivan, Cherie

Scottish artist shows oil paintings in a variety of styles ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Soker, Dina

Illinois-based painter shows works focused on color. Abstracts and floral ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Steiner, Julie

Nevada-based artist shows "funky" works featuring faces and foliage. Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Presecan, Claudiu

Romanian artist presents a virtual gallery featuring abstract works on ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Lentzkow, M.

Arizona artist's digital space features abstract works. Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Le, Charles

Online portfolio of painting, photography, video, and web design. Various ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Forsyth, Sean

Irish graphic artist shows work samples: 3-D portfolio. Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Garden, Matthew

Tribes and Featuring the music, art and writings of ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Carriedo, Fred

Brightly colored floral and still life designs in acrylics and ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Dederick, William

Nature photography, including environmental subjects and forms of transportation, from ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Black Coffee

Swiss artist presents an online exposition featuring black and white ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal


London-based artist shows abstract works on his site which is ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal


Brooklyn-based artist and student shows mixed-media figurative works. Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Anderson, Angela

Landscapes, still-lifes, and abstract paintings in acrylics by this Arkansas ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Murphy, Peter

Watercolour artist living in southwest France provides gallery of works. ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Abstract Painting WebRing

Showcase for artists who's primary expression is abstract or modern ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Ronkin, Emmanuel

A young Israeli artist (1941-1967), whose work was exhibited at ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Mary Law Goff

Watercolor artist. Photo gallery and exhibition schedule. Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Bell, E. C.

Classic female nude renderings done with a rich, colorful palette. ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Murphy, Bill

Staten Island artist; cityscapes and figurative work. Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Shechter, Laura

Meticulous, still-life paintings and fine, silverpoint drawings are typical of ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Kahn, Scott

An online visit to "the Tribeca (NYC) studio of surreal-fantasy ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Carrilho, Jose

Specializing in landscapes, and still life paintings. Includes media information, ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Gregory, Joy

Paintings include landscapes, animals,still life and flowers. Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Miccio, Kathrina

Portraits, as of rock musicians and jazz legends, as well ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Stone, Richard

Royal Portrait Painter - Official portraits of British royalty and ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Clarke, John Clem

Photo-realist techniques and Pop Art imagery come together in the ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Martin, Linde B

Paintings display colors to their fullest while combining rectilinear and ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Vucemilovic, Gordana

Gordina's paintings in oil on canvas and oil on wood. ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Bowling Burnett, Julia

South Carolina artist provides an exhibit of watercolors focused on ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Blum, Alexandra

Exploring movement through time and space, work begins with intensive ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Stanislaw, Frenkiel

Browse through a selection of original figurative paintings. Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Wright, Michael

I'm a painter who works in both traditional and electronic ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Wattson, Kate

Kate Wattson discusses the use of color in her figurative ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Gilbert Ryan, Debora

Online gallery of New Image artist whose Pop art and ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Allen, Jere H.

Art gallery showing figurative and expressionistic paintings by Jere H. ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Hartman, Ruth

portfolio of images from four series of paintings and drawings ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Kho ,santé

Art for meditation and abstract painting, a small virtual museum ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Brotherton, Marc

New York City based contemporary artist presents a gallery of ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Flather, Donald

Portfolio for Donald Flather, painter. Category: Visual Arts\Painting


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