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Slate: The Cootie Factor

Article refers to the slight downturn of Cruise's acting career, ... Category: Entertainment\People

Chevy Chase Unauthorized

Biography, filmography, quotes, trivia, articles, screen captures, interviews conducted by ... Category: Entertainment\People

Just Plain Cher

Includes photos, multimedia clips, news items, reviews, desktop materials, and ... Category: Entertainment\People


International arts and culture society of young artists living in ... Category: Entertainment\Organizations

Sprague, Dale J. - Phoenix

Selected soliloquies, tone poems, rhapsodies, variations of a theme. Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Schoonover, Daniel Phillip - Powered by Dan

Music, poetry and photos. Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Vanbeek, Patrick - Woopert Poems

A collection of poems about all kind of aspects in ... Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Verdis, Jennifer - Verdis Poetry

A collection of provocative poetry, in weblog format. Jennifer writes ... Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Nelson, J. D.

Small personal collection including a bio. Category: Online Writing\Poetry

DranoK Poetry

Poems, a weblog, the explanation of a script for generating ... Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Lope, Chris - Welcome to the Eclipse

By an author from Dallas, TX. Poetry, Linux links, MP3s, ... Category: Online Writing\Poetry

The Shadow: Writing Center

Diaries, short stories, jokes and writing centre. Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

TaBooTenente's EZine

Writings ranging from critical current events to short stories and ... Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Sealander, John - The Road to Nowhere

Essays that take a humorous look at American life in ... Category: Online Writing\Non-Fiction

Fletcher, Kay - The Jenny Haniver

Fantasy memoir, writer's on-line journal, e-book, and work of hypertext ... Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Li, Cliff - Writing Portfolio

Offers several fiction and poetry offerings. Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Land of the Genius

From dodgy photo diaries to philosophy, computer games to nostalgia ... Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Paredes, Arlene M.

A collection of the author's published writings, including feature articles, ... Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Stranger Magazine

Researched opinion articles, short stories, humor pieces, and academic research. Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Torcher's Chambers

Contains, poetry, short stories, and personal thoughts, often of a ... Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre


Charlotte Brewster's musings on writing, music, and the world in ... Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Thoughts In The Air

Her journal. Category: Online Writing\Journals

Tank Green

A woman explains views and opinions about the mass media, ... Category: Online Writing\Journals

Unified Corruption

A journal, combined with opinions on conspiracies and other controversial ... Category: Online Writing\Journals

Umali, Rick - Ramblings

Amateur essayist and columnist living near Boston, Massachusetts. Category: Online Writing\Journals

Victoria's Secrets

An online representation of the everyday life of a single ... Category: Online Writing\Journals

Diarist.Net Active

Discussion forums at Diarist.Net. Web journalers trade tips, critiques, and ... Category: Online Writing\Journals

Dear Diary

Customizable diaries updateable via web browser including pictures. Plus accounts ... Category: Online Writing\Journals


A service for journals and blogs, that also offers privacy ... Category: Online Writing\Journals


Journaling community hosting personal, customizable journals. Based on Livejournal source ... Category: Online Writing\Journals

Bravenet Web Journal

Free fully customizable web journals and online diaries. Category: Online Writing\Journals


A wireless photo weblog and entertainment website for users of ... Category: Online Writing\Journals


It is online diary community. Entries can be public, private ... Category: Online Writing\Journals


Publishes poetry, short stories, and commentary at its website and ... Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Bushman, M.L.

Articles, stories, and writer's links. Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

If Then Else

Eduardo Sousa's weblog: big issues, small pleasures. Category: Online Writing\Journals

Jones, Simon - Meanwhile: The Mumblings and Jumblings of Simon Jones

Pondering single life near Liverpool after thirty. Category: Online Writing\Journals

Jennings, Michael

His journal. Category: Online Writing\Journals


A monthly journal, started in 1999, previously focused on coffee ... Category: Online Writing\Journals

Journal of a Writing Man

Somerset poet shares his journal and works. Includes gallery, archives, ... Category: Online Writing\Journals


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