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Evans, Ryan

The artist provides a trip around his gallery featuring original ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Children of the Night

Focuses on the vampires, souless ones and demons from Buffy ... Category: Television\Web Rings

Buffy and Friends 2

Photo galleries arranged by character. Category: Television\Programs

Syrenslure Fan Fiction

Syrenslure's Fan Fiction site includes a variety of pairings including ... Category: Television\Programs

Craig's Gothic Writings

A place where those lost and forgotten can read of ... Category: Online Writing\Poetry

David Palme

The dark forests of Sweden house creatures of good and ... Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Bulist, Somna M.

Harpist and composer/performer of electro-acoustic neo-classical, neo-Celtic music. Includes biography, ... Category: Music\Women in Music

Gothic Chicago

Offering an events calendar, image gallery, reviews, articles, shopping, dining, ... Category: Music\Styles

Arc Gotic

Official site of this Romanian band with a dark, romantic ... Category: Music\Styles

Industrial Evolution

Favorite gothic and industrial artists: Nine Inch Nails, Sisters of ... Category: Music\Personal

Bulist, Somna M.

Harpist, Composer/performer in New York City; neo classical harp music ... Category: Music\Instruments

Call Me Alice

San Diego-based theme band. Includes biography, appearances, discography, fan club ... Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Vampyres Online

Vampire movie database. Includes descriptions, reviews, cast information, images and ... Category: Movies\Genres


Newly rich internet millionaires Janelle Warner and Monica Sample are ... Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Painter, Sally

Author of erotic romance books in fantasy, futuristic, paranormal, and ... Category: Literature\Genres

Leigh, Shannon

A brief look at Shannon Leigh's newest novel, Immortal Desires. ... Category: Literature\Genres

Forgotten Fantasy

Original stories and poetry of science fiction, fantasy and horror. Category: Literature\Genres

Johnson, Viola

A leatherwoman and vampire. Official site which includes synopses of ... Category: Literature\Genres

RavenBlade Productions

Original artwork and writings by several authors. Also offers books ... Category: Literature\Genres

Dracula's Homepage

In-depth information on Stoker and Dracula. Includes a discussion board. Category: Literature\Authors

"Carmilla": Bram Stokers Inspiration for Dracula

An article detailing a similarity in the setting, characters and ... Category: Literature\Authors

The Judge's House

HTML text of the work. Category: Literature\Authors

Classics Explorer

Classical literature cited in Anne Rice books. Category: Literature\Authors

Crede Byron

Byron's life and work, including the history and photos of ... Category: Literature\Authors

Cossu, Mario

Humorous illustrations for children's books. Category: Illustration\Children's


Facts and fiction, reviews of movies, books and events, haunted ... Category: Genres\Horror

Castle Dracula

Movie news, reviews, awards to win, search engine, banner exchange, ... Category: Genres\Horror

Vampyre Resources

Vampire and gothic resources, postcards, moon phases, Edgar A. Poe ... Category: Genres\Horror

Dracula's Ball

National gathering of vampire enthusiasts, held in a nightclub setting. ... Category: Genres\Horror

Vampyre Magazine Forums

Forum for a variety of chat. Category: Genres\Horror

Sarasvati's Sanguinarian and Psi Support Board

General vampire chat and links. Category: Genres\Horror

Vampire Moon

This is a book on about the vampire named Vern. Category: Genres\Horror

Jezebel Hell

Photos, poetry, music, cemeteries. Category: Genres\Horror

Queer Vampires

A site devoted to gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-gendered vampires. ... Category: Genres\Horror

Siania's Vampyre Information Pages

Add any dark link, collect information, join the mailing list ... Category: Genres\Horror

Vampyre Tower

Dedicated to vampires and their origin. Category: Genres\Horror

Tenebrous Kate's Home Page

Get your dose of Art, Gothic, and Horror info and ... Category: Genres\Horror

Simply Dark Vampire Connexion

Vampiric studies, communication, stores, community, fares and links. Category: Genres\Horror

Vampires and Werewolves

Image galleries, forum, newsletter, song lyrics and general information. Category: Genres\Horror

The Vampyre Syndicate

Files, visuals, scream savers, wallpaper, soundfiles and links. Category: Genres\Horror


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