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Ocasio's Comedy

Comedy entertainer, clown and comedy instructor. founder and director of ... Category: Performing Arts\Performers

Bubbles the Clown

Children's entertainment including face painting, magic shows, birthday parties, clowns, ... Category: Performing Arts\Performers

Carolina Clowns

Information for the beginning clown to the professional; for the ... Category: Performing Arts\Performers

Uncle Curt & Hugs

Professional entertainers, experienced in the arts of clowning, balloon twisting, ... Category: Performing Arts\Performers

Bubbles the Clown

Scotland's singing clown. Biography, CDs and videos, package details and ... Category: Performing Arts\Performers

Clown Shoppe, The

Provides clowns, facepainters, balloon artists and other entertainers for festivals, ... Category: Performing Arts\Performers


Show descriptions, photo gallery, contact information, and links. Category: Performing Arts\Performers

The VonClowns Family

A family of clowns providing family entertainment for your family ... Category: Performing Arts\Performers

Boston Clowns

Providing clowns for birthdays and other events. Category: Performing Arts\Performers

Peppermint the Clown

Entertainment for all ages. Includes comedy magic, face painting, balloon ... Category: Performing Arts\Performers

Mr Fuzzy

British children's entertainer offering clowning, ballooning and mini-disco. Services and ... Category: Performing Arts\Performers

Bobby the Balloon Man and Scooter the Clown

Offer balloon artistry, magic and clown shows in Miami, Ft. ... Category: Performing Arts\Performers

Circus Fun

Short biography, contact information, type of entertainers, information on different ... Category: Performing Arts\Performers

Miss Carol's Magical Puppetime

These delightful and interactive puppet shows combine puppetry with music, ... Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

Padhye, Ramdas

Professional Ventriloquist, Puppeteer, and Puppet-Maker from India. Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

Small World Puppets

Offers mobile puppet theater and workshops. Descriptions of shows including ... Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

Teatro en kofro

Introducing a puppet theatre that caters for both children and ... Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

Wonderworld Productions

Ric Morton provides family entertainment for fairs, festivals, birthday parties ... Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

Nixon, Bob

Performs magic for any event. Includes photos, biography, contact information ... Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Conjuring Carroll

Find descriptions of services, profile and contact details for this ... Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Almodarr's Grand Illusion

Illusionist team. Provides many styles of entertainment including three different ... Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Labbe, Dennis

Close-up performances for parties, restaurants and lounges. Biography, photos and ... Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Julius, Jack

Magic and mime for stage, adult shows, birthday parties, conventions ... Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Buono, Frank

Brief marketing information and a brochure. Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Wayne Allen Corporate Illusionist

Presents sales messages using magic and illusion as a marketing ... Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Kohl & Company

Comedy, vaudeville and magic with audience participation. Banquets, corporate events, ... Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Taylor, Barry

Specializing in corporate parties, banquets, conventions and trade shows. Show ... Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Chamberlin, Michael

Performs using music, comedy, and improvisation for children and adults ... Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Turley the Magician

Comedy and magic entertainment for families and children of all ... Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Holly, Wes

High energy shows for the whole family, combining the skills ... Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Dillies, Lyn

Shows tailored to any audience, from all-kids to a group ... Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Ed Popielarczyk's Magical Moments

Professional comedy magician and balloon sculptor presents shows for children's ... Category: Performing Arts\Magic

The Stupendous Mr. Magichead

Humorous children's entertainer, accompanied by Lulu, a dwarf rabbit. Includes ... Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Roberts, Matt

Comedy, magic, and audience participation shows for adults and children. ... Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Oliver, David

Close-up, sleight-of-hand, music, comedy and audience participation. Stage, cruise ships, ... Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Radatz, Aaron

Audience participation, comedy, dance, incorporating exotic animals, lights, pyrotechnics, and ... Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Sterlini, John

Photos, performance overview, biography and promotional video details. [Requires Flash] Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Jacob, Shawn

Features clean humor, off-beat magic, unrehearsed juggling, and audience participation ... Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Spitzer, Ben

School performances, ranging from child-care to elementary and library shows. ... Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Skogerbo, Alan

Magical entertainer and illusionist specializing in a blend of magic ... Category: Performing Arts\Magic


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