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Offers art trivia, cartoons, displays, auctions, artist opportunity listings and ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

UnCut Video

Upload and share videos from your camcorder, webcam, mobile phone ... Category: Entertainment\Video

Zimmermann, Jeremie

Large expanding portfolio mainly French in flavour but also including ... Category: Photography\Photographers


Photography focusing on colors and abstraction, based on close-ups of ... Category: Photography\Photographers

Blumenthal Performing Arts Center

Features information on current season's productions, ticket availability and educational ... Category: Performing Arts\Venues

Life Is Abuse

Life is Abuse records, based in California. Featuring MP3s, videos, ... Category: Music\Styles

Nightingale Music Productions

Original and licensed music and sound effects for film, television ... Category: Music\Movies

Tha Script

Alphabetically organized artists with verified lyrics. Category: Music\Lyrics

The Kwela Project

Pennywhistle Jive from South Africa - from playing kwela to ... Category: Music\Instruments

Davis, Harold Smiley - D'Kick Drummer

Roland electronic drummer available for soundtracks and commercials. Category: Music\Instruments

Video of 300 Panel at ComicCon 2006

Offers 5 videos of director Zack Snyder and the actors ... Category: Movies\Titles

Albert Pinkham Ryder

Self-taught American visionary artist. Short biography and examples of his ... Category: Art History\Artists

ArtMagick: Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal

Pre-Raphaelite Collection: biography and a selection of her works with ... Category: Art History\Artists

ArtMagick: Simeon Solomon

Pre-Raphaelite Collection, short biography and three examples of his paintings. Category: Art History\Artists

George Frederic Watts

Reproductions of some of his paintings from the ArtMagick Pre-Raphaelite ... Category: Art History\Artists

ArtMagick: Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer

Biography and paintings. Category: Art History\Artists

Artmagick- John Martin

Biography and examples of Martin's paintings. Category: Art History\Artists

Sidney Meteyard

ArtMagick's Pre-Raphaelite Collection: short biography and illustrations of his best ... Category: Art History\Artists

ArtMagick: Evelyn De Morgan

Biography and image gallery. Category: Art History\Artists

Arthur Hughes

ArtMagick Presents: The Pre-Raphaelite Collection - biography and beautiful examples ... Category: Art History\Artists

Arthur Hughes

Features a profile of the pre-Raphaelite artist and his works. Category: Art History\Artists

ArtMagick: Edward Robert Hughes

Pre-Raphaelite Collection: short biography and examples of his famous pictures ... Category: Art History\Artists

ArtMagick - William Holman Hunt

Biography, exhibition archive and a selected list of available works. Category: Art History\Artists

ArtMagick: Hon. John Collier

Pre-Raphaelite Collection, short biography and examples of his major works ... Category: Art History\Artists

ArtMagick: James Collinson

Pre-Raphaelite Collection, biography and several of his best known works. Category: Art History\Artists

Frank Cadogan Cowper

ArtMagick's Pre-Raphaelite Collection: biography and good examples of his best ... Category: Art History\Artists

CGFA: Lucas Cranach the Elder

Gallery of images and artist's biography from MS Encarta '97 Category: Art History\Artists

Walter Crane (British, 1845-1915)

Biography and selected art work. From ArtMagick. Category: Art History\Artists

Jean Delville (Belgian, 1867-1953)

ArtMagick's page on the Belgian writer and painter, Delville was ... Category: Art History\Artists

Sir Frank Dicksee

ArtMagick's Pre-Raphaelite Collection: short biography and good selection of his ... Category: Art History\Artists

Feure, Georges de

Gallery of artist's works and a biography. Category: Art History\Artists

John Anster Fitzgerald

Short biography and several of his best known paintings with ... Category: Art History\Artists

Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale

ArtMagick's Pre-Raphaelite Collection: Biography and a good selection of her ... Category: Art History\Artists

Web Gallery of Art: Fragonard, Jean-Honoré

Collection of images and artist's biography. Category: Art History\Artists

ArtMagick: Edward Reginald Frampton

Selected examples of his work. Category: Art History\Artists


Virtual art gallery displaying paintings and poetry from art movements ... Category: Art History

ArtMagick: William Blake

Short biography and some examples of his work. Category: Art History\Artists

ArtMagick: Eleanor Vere Boyle

Gallery of artist's works. Category: Art History\Artists

ArtMagick: Arnold Böcklin

Biography and image gallery of his works. Category: Art History\Artists

Dreams in Color

Artwork by Amanda Robbins including Sailor Moon and Ah My ... Category: Animation\Anime


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