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SF Site

Includes numerous book reviews, news, links to related resources, and ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Ophelia's X-Files Fanfic Writing Guide

Writing and research information for X-Files fan fiction authors. Includes ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

McDaniel, Harry

The artwork ranges from abstract, decorative sculptures to symbolic pieces ... Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

WebRing: Sci Fi on TV

Provides links to both new and classic series. Category: Television\Web Rings

Dominiqua's World of General Hospital Fan Fiction

General Hospital Fan Fiction organized by date, character and rating. Category: Television\Programs

Noromos at Random

Webring for sites that don't archive romantic content. Category: Television\Programs

Hang Scully

Hangman game based on quotes from the character. Category: Television\Programs

WebRing: Scully Appreciation Society

Lists sites dedicated to the character. Category: Television\Programs

Surly Skinner Webring

Submission form for a ring listing sites dedicated to the ... Category: Television\Programs

The Spender Defender

News, actor and character biographies, Chris Owens' screen credits, quotes, ... Category: Television\Programs

X-Files Discussion Forums

Rules and links to message boards for general topics related ... Category: Television\Programs

Yahoo! Groups: TXFSpoilers

Spoilers-only moderated mailing list, with no discussion. [Yahoo! registration required.] Category: Television\Programs

Yahoo! Groups: The X-Files Pics

Members send and receive image files. [Yahoo! registration required.] Category: Television\Programs

Yahoo! Groups: X-Files_over_30

Discussion for fans older than 30. [Yahoo! registration required.] Category: Television\Programs

Yahoo! Groups: Theconsortium

Discussion, pictures, wavs, spoilers, and newsletter. Category: Television\Programs

Yahoo! Groups: TheX-FilesSounds

Mailing list for sending and receiving sounds related to the ... Category: Television\Programs

Yahoo! Groups: Xfilesfans

General discussion about the series. [Yahoo! registration required.] Category: Television\Programs

Yahoo! Groups: IcedTea

Fan fiction and discussion about the series and the future ... Category: Television\Programs

X-Files Link Exchange

Guidelines for joining, list of members and top 10 sites, ... Category: Television\Programs

WebRing: Deny Everything

Links to a site focused on science fiction and fantasy ... Category: Television\Programs

Thornfield Hall: X-Files

Links to sites focused on the series and its stars. Category: Television\Programs

WebRing: The Society of X

Lists a variety of sites devoted to the series, including ... Category: Television\Programs

The X-Files Ring

Lists sites providing a variety of content on the actors ... Category: Television\Programs

WebRing: European X-Files Society

Italian and Spanish sites are listed. Category: Television\Programs

WebRing: X-Files International

Lists site with content related to the series from all ... Category: Television\Programs

X-Files Shrine

Images, sounds, and multimedia focused on the show and its ... Category: Television\Programs

Exeter Street: Gary the Grey's X-Files Nest

Desktop themes, active desktops, screen savers, sounds, and wallpapers. Category: Television\Programs

MODs In The Key of X

Collection of mod and MP3 files based on Mark Snow's ... Category: Television\Programs

Al's X-Files Page

Brief episode guide, with air dates, writers and directors and ... Category: Television\Programs

Red Wolf's X-Files Episode Guide

Summaries, quotes and a crosslinked cast list for the entire ... Category: Television\Programs

Phil's X-File Page

Brief episode listing for the first four seasons. Category: Television\Programs


Brief listing of seasons 1-5, with a sixth season episode ... Category: Television\Programs

ezri's X-Files site

General X-Files site with brief episode guide to all seasons. ... Category: Television\Programs

The X-Files Timeline

Consolidates every date and chronological reference made in the series. ... Category: Television\Programs

Aliens Ate My Corn Nuts: Emile St. Claire Comes to Terms with Her Inner X-Phile

Includes a log of series-related dreams, accounts of meeting those ... Category: Television\Programs

Absolutely X-Files

Episode guide, archive of pictures, transcripts, and downloads. Category: Television\Programs

Absolute X-Files

Episode reviews, Mulder/Scully fan fiction, and wallpaper. Category: Television\Programs

Agent Chloe's Fictional X-Files

Fan fiction, photographs, quotes, songs, surveys, lists, and a Nick ... Category: Television\Programs

Completely Obsessed

Episode list and quotes. Category: Television\Programs

Dans la Maison

Character information, jokes, and parodies, as well as signup for ... Category: Television\Programs


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