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Sherlock Holmes



Charlie Chan, the Enduring Detective

Except for Sherlock Holmes, Charlie Chan was once arguably the ... Category: Genres\Mystery

Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine

Stories in EQMM and AHMM have won numerous awards, including ... Category: Genres\Mystery

Star Trek Women

Sites, sounds, and information on the women of all four ... Category: Television\Programs

Radio Days: A Soundbite History

Experience the history of broadcast radio including both news and ... Category: Radio\History

The Marconi Company

A history of the Marconi Company, founded by Guglielmo Marconi. Category: Radio\History

Old Time Radio Fan

On-demand audio of classic detective shows and mysteries. Category: Radio\Formats


A new musical based on the characters of Sir Arthur ... Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Murder Mysteries Will Travel

They entertain thousands of people each year with an interactive ... Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

BBC Spoken Word: Elisabeth Sladen

Interview discussing her experiences as a companion to the 3th ... Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Nunes, Mizan

New York City based actress. Includes credits, photos and contact ... Category: Performing Arts\Acting

The Clive Francis Files

Fansite for the British actor offers critiques of his work, ... Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Christopher Lee and Sherlock Holmes: An Overview

An examination of actor Christopher Lee's many associations with the ... Category: Entertainment\People

The Peter Cushing Web Ring

A union of sites devoted to the actor. Category: Entertainment\People

Waveney Zine Shop

Common site for over 40 fanzine publishers/distributors to list and ... Category: Online Writing\Fiction

TNG Women: B'Etor

Includes an introduction to Star Trek and pictures. Category: Movies\Titles

Sheryl's Star Trek Barclay Page

Features image gallery of the character. Category: Movies\Titles

Sheryl's Star Trek Site - Lursa

Brief biographical information on the Klingon character. Category: Movies\Titles

Sheryl's Star Trek Site - Uhura

Biographical information about the character with pictures. Category: Movies\Titles

Renaissance Tragedy and Investigator Heroes

Article focusing on Hamlet and Thomas Kyd's The Spanish Tragedy. Category: Literature\World Literature


The magazine for fans of American and British pulp fiction. ... Category: Literature\Periods and Movements

Fan page

Page maintained by friends of McIntyre. Includes annotated bibliography. Category: Literature\Genres

Flight From Tomorrow

E-book at Project Gutenberg. Category: Literature\Genres

Little Fuzzy

E-book at Project Gutenberg. Category: Literature\Genres

SFF on McIntyre

Author maintained site with news, bibliography, biography and excerpts. Category: Literature\Genres


The magazine for fans of American and British pulp fiction. ... Category: Literature\Genres

The Mystery Place

Dell Magazines' official site for its Alfred Hitchcock and Ellery ... Category: Literature\Genres

The Singular Society of the Baker Street Dozen

Group which discusses and promote Sherlock Holmes and other literary ... Category: Literature\Genres

Ellis, Robert

Contains information about the novels, photographs, excerpts, a mailing list, ... Category: Literature\Genres

Gallagher, Stephen

Novelist and screenwriter specializing in contemporary suspense. Category: Literature\Genres

Espresso Recommendations

Reviews of LoTR fan fiction (includes some other SFF works). Category: Literature\Genres


Features selected electronic texts, including Doyle, Dumas, and Dana. Category: Literature\Electronic Text Archives

Owens, Lisa L.

(Official site) Author's biography, reviews, news, and descriptions of her ... Category: Literature\Children's

Reading Group Guide: The Antelope Wife

Guide for book clubs or groups reading "The Antelope Wife." ... Category: Literature\Authors

Sherlock Holmes: 221B Baker Street

Photos and art work, wav files, information and links. Category: Literature\Authors

Oh, you don't know Sherlock Holmes yet!

A comprehensive database endeavouring to encompass the various aspects of ... Category: Literature\Authors

Mystery Timeline: Sherlock Holmes

MysteryNet.Com presents one page on author and character with discussion ... Category: Literature\Authors

Sherlockian Resources on the Internet: A Survey

A survey and review of Web sites and other Internet ... Category: Literature\Authors

Sherlock Holmes Tin Box

A collection of amusing and unusual Sherlockian sites. Category: Literature\Authors

The Diogenes Club

Sherlockian scholarship, unusual Sherlockiana, the Canon, the Apocrypha, brief biographical ... Category: Literature\Authors

At Holmes With Doyle

Information site on all aspects of Sherlock Holmes and Sir ... Category: Literature\Authors


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