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Contemporary Philosophy of Mind: An Annotated Bibliography

MindPapers started life as an annotated bibliography in the philosophy ... Category: Humanities\Philosophy

Leone, Christopher

Monsters, creatures, women and warriors in digital and oil media. Category: Visual Arts\Thematic

Zombie Ranger

Sketches made in an attempt to reclaim time lost playing ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Transylvanian Nipple Productions - Nell Campbell

8 photographs taken at an autograph session. Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Route 66 Killers, The

Instrumental surf band playing eerie music. Photographs, merchandise and upcoming ... Category: Music\Styles


Georgia based industrial/metal band with extreme stage shows and loud ... Category: Music\Styles

LMS79's Metal Tribute

Site dedicated to metal bands. Contains live streaming radio, media ... Category: Music\Styles


Horror Electronica music from Sydney Australia. Category: Music\Styles

My Midi Files!

Old and new pop files, sorted by title. Category: Music\Sound Files

Max's Awesome Guitar Tabs

Tabs from popular groups such as Blink 182, Metallica, and ... Category: Music\Instruments

Zombie Land 2

Rob Zombie fan page with lyrics, pictures, news, biography, and ... Category: Music\Bands and Artists

ZombieGuy's Web Site

Fan site dedicated to Rob Zombie. Includes a discography, a ... Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Zombie Land II

White Zombie fanpage with lyrics, pictures, tablatures, video, and sound ... Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Matadors, The

Listing of events, photos, biography and contact information. Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Zombieguide Europe

Includes original magazine/photo scan gallery, video and interview downloads, guitar ... Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Argenberries The Cranberries

Includes a concert review section in English and fan pictures, ... Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Nothing's Coal Chamber

Includes lyrics for both albums, news, tourdates, tablatures of both ... Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Scary Movie

Contains plot, analysis, cast and crew, photos and news. Category: Movies\Titles

Flipside Movie Emporium: Resident Evil

Review by Michael B. Scrutchin. Category: Movies\Titles

Movies for Guys: Resident Evil - Apocalypse

Review from the male perspective. Category: Movies\Titles

88keyz's Movie Reviews: The Matrix

Shawn Watkinson reviews the film. Category: Movies\Titles

Last Drive-In On The Left: Last House on the Left

Fan site with photos, plot details, and DVD review. Category: Movies\Titles


Article describing the plot, cast, production, trailer, and soundtrack. Category: Movies\Titles - The Night of the Living Dead

Synopsis, trivia, cast, pictures, and links. Category: Movies\Titles

Movies for Guys - 28 Days Later

Review of the film in which the authors state "We're ... Category: Movies\Titles - Movies

Provides synopses and related links for various wide-release features. Category: Movies\News and Media

Keith's Flesheaters

Information on zombie movies and other horror films that are ... Category: Movies\Genres

Horror Attic

A tribute to zombie, giallo and slasher horror films. Features ... Category: Movies\Genres


Monthly publication that features regularly updated horror movie reviews, upcoming ... Category: Movies\Genres

Don't Play In the Woods

Horror films rated based on criteria such as body count, ... Category: Movies\Genres

Val Lewton (1904-1951)

Biography and ephemera compiled by Erik Weems. Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Almost a Movie

Categorical listing of unproduced scripts from the past, present, and ... Category: Movies\Filmmaking Zack Snyder Talks Dawn of the Dead

Pleasantly surprising both casual fans and hardcore George Romero die-hards, ... Category: Movies\Filmmaking

One By One

Gangster and zombie movie featuring synopsis, cast, and crew information. Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Zombie Christ

Describes a biblical horror movie and the Portland, OR based ... Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Painting With Light

Review of Alton's book on cinematography. Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Zombie Movies

Message board dedicated to zombie movies Category: Movies\Chats and Forums

Symbolism in Charlotte Bronte and Jean Rhys

An essay on symbolism in the presentation of characters and ... Category: Literature\World Literature

Zombie Masters Romero and Fulci

A newly re-animated hero and the calamity that follows his ... Category: Literature\Genres

Paranormal Romance Writers

Features authors, articles, and reviews. Category: Literature\Genres


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