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Architectural History


Urban Design Laboratory

The objective of the Urban Design Labo is to strike ... Category: Architecture\Education

University of Virginia - Introduction to Structural Design

The UVa School of Architecture website was designed by 13pt+ ... Category: Education\Cultures and Groups Rock Star found at Sherlock's

An article by Dave Richards on how Tim Owens was ... Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Wikipedia Classical Architecture

An illustrated history and description of the architecture of ancient ... Category: Architecture\History

William Jay, Architect

The career of a young Regency architect in America. Illustrated ... Category: Architecture\History


The history and ethos of a unique 1960s housing project ... Category: Architecture\History

University of Virginia School of Architecture

The school's departments and programs, as well as online course ... Category: Architecture\Education

Cupolas of Capitalism - State Capitol Building Histories

Featuring historic information about all the American state capitol buildings ... Category: Architecture\Building Types

Foursquare Courthouse

Kevin Coleman describes this American building type used for public ... Category: Architecture\Building Types

UCal Berkeley CED Documents Collection

University of California College of Environmental Design holds architectural drawings, ... Category: Architecture\Archives

The International Archive of Women in Architecture

At Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University documents the history ... Category: Architecture\Archives


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