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The Childhood & Education of William Shakespeare

Provides details of the petty school, grammar school and the ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Renaissance Faire Homepage

A collection of information regarding Renaissance Faires. Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Kjartan Poskitt's Stageshows

Details of shows ideal for amateur or semi-pro casts, including ... Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Merchant, Nathaniel

New York City-based stage and opera director specializing in re-discovering ... Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

The Great Scot, Bardic Magician

Offers entertainment for historic sites, any type of party, festivals, ... Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Hertfordshire Early Dance

Renaissance and English country dance group. Information about classes and ... Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Renaissance Historical Dance Society

Group specialising in 15th to 17th century dances. Includes information ... Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Norwich Early Dance Group

Dancing from the medieval period to the 18th century. Information ... Category: Performing Arts\Dance

The Arbeau Dancers

Group based in West Yorkshire performing dances from the 14th ... Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Wevers, Olivier

Principal dancer with Pacific Northwest Ballet. Includes profile, repertoire, photographs, ... Category: Performing Arts\Dance


Mixed sextet located in Baltimore, MD area with a Renaissance, ... Category: Music\Vocal

Diabolus in Musica

Authentic music and entertainment for historical events. Category: Music\Styles

The Cardinall's Musick

One of the UK's foremost early music ensembles. Gramophone Award ... Category: Music\Styles

John Cage Database

Contains complete discography, detailed worklist and combined literature index, compiled ... Category: Music\Composition

Baconian Evidence for Shakespeare Authorship

Summarizes the evidence that argues Sir Francis Bacon wrote Shakespeare's ... Category: Literature\World Literature

Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford (1550-1604)

Edward De Vere, Earl of Oxford, Renaissance English poet and ... Category: Literature\World Literature

Elizabethan Heraldry

Home page of a site on Elizabethan Heraldry and Coats ... Category: Literature\World Literature

The Works of Elizabeth I

Devoted to Elizabeth I; including her written works, speeches, and ... Category: Literature\World Literature


Extensive sections on Elizabethan social, religious, economic background and heraldry. Category: Literature\World Literature

Luminarium: Thomas Middleton

Includes a biography and annotated links to online resources. Category: Literature\World Literature

Luminarium: Edmund Spenser

Includes links to online texts, biographical and bibliographical information, and ... Category: Literature\World Literature

Luminarium: Ben Jonson

Biography, collection of works, and web resources. Category: Literature\World Literature

Gavin, Nell

Author's personal website includes description and excerpt from "Threads: The ... Category: Literature\Genres

Humphrey, H.R

Would you be surprised to learn that the true heir ... Category: Literature\Genres

Middle English Drama Texts

Complete texts of eleven English moral comedies and a growing ... Category: Literature\Drama

The Misanthrope and Its Complex Hero

Short paper on Alceste, the hero of Moliere's comedy 'The ... Category: Literature\Drama

The Life of Thomas Dekker (1570?-1632)

Brief biography of playwright Thomas Dekker. Category: Literature\Drama

Sir Thomas Wyatt, the Elder (1503-1542)

"Sir Thomas Wyatt, English Renaissance poet, father of the English ... Category: Literature\Authors

John Skelton (ca.1460-1529)

"John Skelton, Renaissance English poet and wag. Life, works, resources." ... Category: Literature\Authors

Mary (Sidney) Herbert, Countess of Pembroke (1561-1621)

Biographical and historical information, a small selection of links to ... Category: Literature\Authors

Robert Herrick (1591-1674)

"Robert Herrick, seventeenth century cavalier, poet and son of Ben." ... Category: Literature\Authors

Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey (1517-1547)

Webpages devoted to Howard and his works at Category: Literature\Authors

Fulke Greville, Lord Brooke (1554-1628))

"Fulke Greville, Lord Brooke, Renaissance English poet and Sir Philip ... Category: Literature\Authors

George Gascoigne (1539-1578)

"Biography, works, and resources for the Renaissance poet." Webpages at ... Category: Literature\Authors

Michael Drayton (1563-1631)

"Michael Drayton, Renaissance English poet. Life, works, resources." Webpages devoted ... Category: Literature\Authors

Samuel Daniel (1562-1619)

"Samuel Daniel, Renaissance English poet. Life, works, quotes, and resources." ... Category: Literature\Authors

Tudor Art

Hand-carved wooden eggs and globes by Linda Tudor. Category: Crafts\Woodcraft

Aion Designs

British designer Christine-Ann Martin, with patterns that include Blackwork, cross-stitch, ... Category: Crafts\Needlework

Blackwork from Stitch On Line

History and techniques, early design sources, and bibliography, from the ... Category: Crafts\Needlework

Dalmatian Alley Studios

Image gallery of fantasy and Renaissance costumes, special effects makeup, ... Category: Costumes\Exhibitions


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