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This is a part of the multi-part blog of my ... Category: Education\Periods and Movements

Our Simple Joys

A freelance writer offering support and resources to other freelancers. ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Margetts, Paul

Original metal sculpture for the garden or park. England. Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Art in the Park

A UK art education charity dedicated to making art with ... Category: Visual Arts\Resources

Kemenyffy, Susan Hale

Portfolio of drawings, installations, theatrical costume design and landscape art. Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists

Botanical Artists

Browse through the works of accomplished artists dedicated to the ... Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Stewart, Don

Humorous ball point pen renderings by a doctor turned artist. ... Category: Visual Arts\Drawing

Nicholson, Catharine

Drawings by an artist who specializes in botanical work. Her ... Category: Visual Arts\Drawing

The Perennial Gardener

Dedicated to sharing the garden wisdom of Karen Strohbeen with ... Category: Television\Programs

Victory Garden

A how-to Gardening program. Category: Television\Programs

Home and Garden Television HGTV

Arranged in "villages", the site lets participants hone in on ... Category: Television\Networks

DIY Network

Program guide and archives, newsletter, message boards, community features and ... Category: Television\Networks


Watertown's news, talk and weather station. Category: Radio\Regional

Miller, Siouxsan E.

Photographs of doors, chairs, gardening, sewing, housework, leaves, teacups and ... Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles

Photo Mazza

Over 70.000 colour slides of botany and zoology. Includes animals ... Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles

Weisberg, Jan

Flowers, closeups, and nature photography taken with my AGFA ePhoto ... Category: Photography\Photographers

Pinkston, Jeffery

Black and white and color portrait and fine art photography. Category: Photography\Photographers

Basil, Rosemary

A gallery of city sunsets taken in New Orleans, Louisiana, ... Category: Photography\Photographers

Black, Jessica

Pagan, wildlife, portrait, and garden photographs. Category: Photography\Photographers

Official Kathy Ireland Web Site

The official site selling the officially endorsed products. Category: Performing Arts\Acting

The Sun Online: A touch of Nick Frost

"When he met best friend Simon Pegg, Nick Frost was ... Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Pippin Sails to Stardom by Sinead O'Neill

Billy Boyd discusses his experiences in the movies, Lord of ... Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Pantry of My Mind

Musings on life, adventure, and nature from an Alaskan living ... Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Linker, Colleen - Colleen's Corner

Poetry and quotations about family and friends, compiled by Colleen. Category: Online Writing\Poetry

NuMoon Creations

Using humor to sketch ideas, two people defining ourselves through ... Category: Online Writing\Non-Fiction

Journal of a Writing Man

Somerset poet shares his journal and works. Includes gallery, archives, ... Category: Online Writing\Journals

Marn's Big Adventure

The life and times of a woman who makes Emily ... Category: Online Writing\Journals


Reviews, art, a streaming Riot Grrl channel, Bettie Page and ... Category: Music\Styles

Features articles on copyrighting songs; building a songwriting career; choosing ... Category: Music\Songwriting


Offers a practical service in the management of animals and ... Category: Music\Songwriting

The Longwood Gardens Organ

Historic and contemporary photographs, history and stoplist Category: Music\Instruments

Bayard Sharp Hall, University of Delaware

Photo documentary of installation of new Dobson pipe organ. Category: Music\Instruments

Entertainment Live UK

Free resource for bands and artists of all genres as ... Category: Music\Directories

McFaul, Thomas G.

Picture, biography, and sound files. Category: Music\Composition

The Northern Rivers Echo

Review by Andy Gough. Category: Movies\Titles

Hobbit of a Lifetime

Preview of the film with pictures and cast information [The ... Category: Movies\Titles

Finlay, Ian Hamilton

Profile of the poet, artist, philosopher, gardener and landscape designer; ... Category: Literature\World Literature

Mignerey, Sharon

Official website of Sharon Mignerey, Award-winning author of romantic fiction ... Category: Literature\Genres

Matlock, Curtiss Ann

The author of Lost Highways. Category: Literature\Genres

Robin McKinley

Author's official site. Features reviews, transcripts, news, and FAQ. Category: Literature\Genres


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