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National Archives

The National Archives is at the heart of information policy ... Category: Humanities\History

Liz Walker Freelance Writer

Writer specializing in family issues, genealogy, education, business, and the ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Brennan, Ian G

Contemporary sculptor and wood carver to the British Royal Household, ... Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Information Art: Towards a Definition

Selection of papers and artwork by David Toppings. The work ... Category: Visual Arts\Resources

Wild, Frank P.

A biography, genealogy, on-line gallery and auction history of this ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Hartman, Ruth

portfolio of images from four series of paintings and drawings ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting


Painting family genealogy portraits. Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Ken Rollinson

An Acadian-Mi'kmaq artist whose carvings are representative of the mixture ... Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

J's Magic Galleries

Award winning, family-safe site focuses on the arts, and hosts ... Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Sharon's Art-Rageous Website

Examples of student artwork, art lesson plans, resources for art ... Category: Visual Arts\Education

Sizemore, Julianne

Drawings of people and still lifes created by the method ... Category: Visual Arts\Drawing

Lise LeBel-Perre

Art, by Lise LeBel-Perret, illustrations, computergraphics, Bryce, MetaCreations Artist of ... Category: Visual Arts\Computer Graphics

Cynscribe Calligraphy Compilation

Large directory of links related to calligraphy, typography, handwriting, penmanship ... Category: Visual Arts\Calligraphy

Earth Station Nine: TV Show Site Rings

Refers to various television show webrings and also includes links ... Category: Television\Web Rings

Worldwide TV Soaps Topsites

Directory of sites with content related to serial dramas. Category: Television\Programs

Echoes of the Past

News broadcasts from the WWII. Category: Radio\Formats

Rumsey, David

Cubic QuickTime VRs of a map collection. Features hot spots ... Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles

Avalon - A Forgotten Town Remembered

Information about the former town location. Includes photographs, profile, maps, ... Category: Photography\Photographers

Chen, Abby

A collection of images by a Chinese photographer based in ... Category: Photography\Photographers

AnSgeulaiche, Scot

Traditional Highland storyteller, gives workshops, educational performances, personal and corporate ... Category: Performing Arts\Storytelling

The Tom Baker Fan Site

Biographical information and acting credits, with convention photographs, fan-created fiction, ... Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Quill Spirit and Creativity

Features poetry, Native American section, books, music and resources for ... Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Brittain, Liana - Dancing on the Edge

Children's stories, poetry, and art exhibits. Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

The Gekko Reading Room

A library of speculative fiction, mystery, sci-fi and horror. Category: Online Writing\Fiction


A collection of Welsh lyrics, many with midi tunes. From ... Category: Music\Styles

Simply Australia

E-zine on Australian folklore, history, and folk music and song, ... Category: Music\Styles

The Waits Website

An academic site designed to accumulate and disseminate information on ... Category: Music\Styles

Home page of the United Co-op Band (Crewe)

A first section band based in cheshire. Category: Music\Styles

Raw Egg Radio

Featuring all types of music from all periods including classical, ... Category: Music\Sound Files

Slick Riffs

Contains free music files in different formats. Links to DVD ... Category: Music\Sound Files

250 Songs of the Sea

10,000 Folksongs from around the world Category: Music\Lyrics

Volkslieder, German and other Folksongs

This is the classic folk music and culture site. Thousands ... Category: Music\Lyrics

Hunsberger, Donald

Trombonist and conductor. Included on this page of links by ... Category: Music\Instruments

John Steven Foster

Interview with a builder/player of 19th-century-style gourd and minstrel banjos. ... Category: Music\Instruments

Strand, Valdres Sjugurd (1837-1939)

A profile of the man who was possibly America's oldest ... Category: Music\Instruments

Entertainment Live UK

Free resource for bands and artists of all genres as ... Category: Music\Directories

Mayr's Cantata for Beethoven

English lyrics of the tribute he wrote upon hearing of ... Category: Music\Composition

Bach Family

Background on earlier generations in the town of Erfurt. Includes ... Category: Music\Composition

Carlos Santana

Biography, news, images and links. Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Adoption Ireland: The Magdalene Sisters

Review, by PJ Coogan, which originally appeared in "Inside Cork". Category: Movies\Titles


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