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Sabertooth paper airplane

Clear instructions on how to fold the Sabertooth paper airplane. Category: Crafts\Origami

J. Piercey Studios

Gallery of residential, commercial and ecclesiastical commissioned windows. Category: Crafts\Glass

Make Stuff

Free craft ideas, recipes and activities for all ages and ... Category: Crafts\Classes and Projects Will Eisner

Author information page includes analysis of his importance to the ... Category: Comics\Creators

The Read House

This Federal style house in Illinois, built in 1847, needs ... Category: Architecture\Preservation

Architecture Week Design Community

This architecture and design web portal provides forums for public ... Category: Architecture\Chats and Forums

Mysteries of the Nile

Explore both the New and Old Kingdoms of Egypt and ... Category: Architecture\History

Building in Ancient Egypt

A clear, illustrated introduction to the building process: materials, tools, ... Category: Architecture\History

The Egyptian Tomb of Menna

A virtual reality reconstruction of this 18th-dynasty Theban tomb by ... Category: Architecture\History


The Modern Committee is a Los Angeles-based volunteer group formed ... Category: Architecture\History

Islamic Architecture

Images and information on outstanding mosques and other examples of ... Category: Architecture\History

Renaissance Architecture

Images and information on Renaissance buildings and their architects, provided ... Category: Architecture\History

Romanesque Architecture

Images and information on buildings in the round-arched style current ... Category: Architecture\History

Vernacular Architecture of the World

Great Buildings Online describes a range of buildings in regional ... Category: Architecture\History

Timber-Framed Houses

A beginner's guide to the history and construction of medieval ... Category: Architecture\History

Big Stones

Rob Roy describes modern megalithic creations and the people who ... Category: Architecture\Landscape


Features news and reviews relating to architecture gathered from a ... Category: Architecture\News and Media

Architecture Week

Covers new buildings worldwide and a spectrum of design and ... Category: Architecture\News and Media

Canadian Architect

Timely topics on architecture with a Canadian bent; international architecture ... Category: Architecture\News and Media

Masonry Conservation Research Group (MCRG)

Associated with the School of Construction, Property and Surveying, the ... Category: Architecture\Preservation

The Industrial Buildings Preservation Trust

IBPT takes on buildings of historical significance that have no ... Category: Architecture\Preservation

Maintain our Heritage

A not-for-profit organisation conducting a research programme into the benefits ... Category: Architecture\Preservation

Dundee Historic Environment Trust

Promotes and encourages the preservation and understanding of historic buildings ... Category: Architecture\Preservation

Devon Earth Building Association

Supports research into and the conservation of earth buildings in ... Category: Architecture\Preservation

The Bath Preservation Trust

Bath's famed Georgian architecture is imaginatively displayed by the Trust. ... Category: Architecture\Preservation

Building Research Council, School of Architecture, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Aims to help improve the quality of the built environment ... Category: Architecture\Preservation

Samuel Mockbee: A Life's Work

Andrea Oppenheimer Dean looks back at Mockbee's life and career ... Category: Architecture\History

Crystal Palace Campaign

Protest against Bromley Council's plan to build London's largest multiplex ... Category: Architecture\History

Edinburgh Architecture: William Playfair Architect

Biography of the Scottish architect (1789-1857) with images and descriptions ... Category: Architecture\History

ArchitectureWeek: Alfred Waterhouse's Terracotta Menagerie

Colin Cunningham describes the extraordinary facade designed by Waterhouse for ... Category: Architecture\History

Webb, Aston (1849-1930)

Brief notes on the Victorian architect Aston Webb, who designed ... Category: Architecture\History

Steve's Frank Lloyd Wright Links

Comprehensive collection of Internet resources on Wright, indexed and cross-referenced. Category: Architecture\History

Prairie Style Architecture

Images, information and sources for several houses by Frank Lloyd ... Category: Architecture\History

Midland Hotel, Morecambe, UK

The Friends of the Midland aim to raise awareness and ... Category: Architecture\History

Art Nouveau Architecture

Images and information on buildings in the Art Nouveau style ... Category: Architecture\History

Art Nouveau Architecture

Gallery of images of Victor Horta's stunning work in Brussels, ... Category: Architecture\History

Arts and Crafts Architecture

A late 19th-century movement to revive handicrafts. Examples from Belgium, ... Category: Architecture\History

Arts and Crafts Architecture

Images and information on US Arts and Crafts buildings and ... Category: Architecture\History

Hewn and Hammered

A collaborative community weblog devoted to Arts and Crafts movement ... Category: Architecture\History

Baroque Architecture

Images and information on buildings in the Baroque style and ... Category: Architecture\History


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