Tuesday, 25 October, 2016

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The House of Twelve Monthly Comic Jam

Hey there folks, allow me to introduce myself, my name ... Category: Comics

Bad Lit

Underground movie and indie comic book reviews and news. Category: Education\Magazines and E-zines

Sequential Tart - Traveling Through Dreams

Interview. The author talk about comics, writing and her plans ... Category: Literature\Authors

Atomic Comics

New, golden age and silver age comics for sale. Located ... Category: Comics\Retailers

Awesome Comics

Dallas, Texas comic shop with subscription service, mail-order, mainstream and ... Category: Comics\Retailers

Spirituality In Comics: The Religion of Priest

The explicitly religious series features a Catholic priest and contemplations ... Category: Comics\Manga

Sequential Tart

Web zine about the comics industry with a focus on ... Category: Comics\Magazines and E-zines

Lantry, Stephanie

Free-lance artist. Includes personal page, interests and online portfolio. Category: Comics\Creators

Sequential Tart: You Old Battleaxe

Interview by Jennifer M. Contino, on LaBan's Vertigo series Battleaxes. Category: Comics\Creators

MacNelly, Jeff

Information about the cartoonist, with a paintings gallery and daily ... Category: Comics\Creators

Sequential Tart: Charging the Sigil

Interview by Lauren Vega-Rasner and Barb Lien. Category: Comics\Creators

Sequential Tart: My So-Called Comic

Interview by Melanie Johnson. Category: Comics\Creators

Sequential Tart: Andi Watson

Interview with images. Category: Comics\Creators

Sequential Tart: Love, Honor, Death and Tea

Interview by Lee Atchison. Category: Comics\Creators

Belles of Hope

By Jennifer M. Contino. [SequentialTart.com] Interview with Paul Dini about ... Category: Animation\Writers

Sequential Tart: She Said What?!

Lee Atchison discusses the pros and cons of dubbed and ... Category: Animation\Voice Actors


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