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Picture Projects studio has been producing award-winning projects at the ... Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles

Recommended Films

Billy Marshall Stoneking - Australia's leading screenplay guru - gives ... Category: Genres

Writing Effective Screen Dialogue

Most young screenwriters I meet have an almost obsessional aversion ... Category: Movies

Piers Rawson Photography

Landscape and cultural imagery, with emphasis on reportage and documentary, ... Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles

Script Tools & Tutorials

SCRIPT TOOLS & TUTORIALS offers a broad range of resources, ... Category: Movies

Photographs of Ireland

Gallery of black and white photographs of Ireland. Category: Photography

Lange-Taylor Prize

DOROTHEA LANGE-PAUL TAYLOR PRIZE, an annual $20,000 award from the ... Category: Visual Arts

Script Reviewer

Script Reviewer specializes in affordable screenplay analysis for aspiring writers ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

All About Screenwriting

Information such as plot structure, agents and clubs. Also includes ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Script Writers Network

The network serves its members by enhancing their awareness of ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Fresh Ice Studios

Designs for weddings, corporate logos, parties, receptions, anniversaries or any ... Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

It'll Have Blinking Eyes and a Moving Mouth

Documentary film tribute to kinetic sculpture. The film-makers, images from ... Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Temple, Terris and Leslie Nguyen Temple

Tibetan Thangka painting and other works from the artists' studio ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Richards, Julian

English artist working mostly in photography, film, and video shows ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Loghman, Sebastien

The artist shows installation, video, photo, music, and digital pieces. ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Morgan, Margaret

Plumbing is used as a motif to address histories of ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Beck, Robert

Bucks County, Pennsylvania artist working in oils from life. Impressionist ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Bayer, Norbert

German artist presents a digital portfolio of "Mister Ministeck" with ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Westwater, James

Performing works of photochoreography with symphony and chamber orchestras throughout ... Category: Visual Arts\Performance Art

Bellanca, Todd

Gallery of abstract paintings using the square as inspiration. Contemporary ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Tedder, Mike

Creates contemporary works in print, mosaic, photographs and coloured paper ... Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists

Nicholls, Graham

Installation art and video by London based artist and film ... Category: Visual Arts\Installation Art

Stringfellow, Kim

Online interactive projects, photography and artwork. Category: Visual Arts\Computer Graphics

Totally Television Webring

Site ring which contains websites related to television in general. Category: Television\Web Rings


Independent media production company specializing in human rights documentaries and ... Category: Entertainment\Video

Video Nation

Personal views and experiences from around the UK on camera, ... Category: Entertainment\Video

Downtown Community TV - New York

Located in a landmark firehouse in Chinatown, DCTV was formed ... Category: Entertainment\Video

Media Working Group - Kentucky, USA

Media Working Group shall engage in production and educational activities ... Category: Entertainment\Video

New Orleans Video Access Center

NOVAC is the New Orleans Video Access Center, a not-for-profit ... Category: Entertainment\Video

OPENChannel Co-operative

Resource organization and support network for independent filmmakers in Melbourne, ... Category: Entertainment\Video


Film school, hands-on workshops in which students edit their own ... Category: Entertainment\Video

KVBA TV Vision Broadcasting Network

Christian channel located on channel 19, or cable 22. Includes ... Category: Television\Stations

Program listings in customizable grid format. Category: Television\Schedule and Programming

WebRing: The Ring of the Seven Seas

Directory of sites hosted by members of the Adventurers Club ... Category: Television\Programs

WebRing: Sinbad and Bryn

Directory of sites focused on the characters and the series. Category: Television\Programs

Stephen Greif: Actor and Voices

Filmography, credits, and multimedia for the actor who played the ... Category: Television\Programs

Channel 4: Wife Swap

Channel 4's hit reality show where two families swap wives. ... Category: Television\Programs - 'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin Dead

The wildlife adventurer died after being stung by a stingray ... Category: Television\Programs

NOVA Online

Companion site to WGBH Science Series. Includes complementary in-depth information, ... Category: Television\Programs

The Nazi Drawings

Explores the history and passion behind artist Mauricio Lasansky's powerful ... Category: Television\Programs


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