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Heroes Revealed

News weblog. Category: Television\Programs

Elliott Design

Magazine and web illustration, animation and comic strip work. Category: Illustration\Studios

Rodier, Denis

Freelance artist showing his traditional mixed media illustrations and his ... Category: Illustration\Illustrator Portfolios

Walton, Michael

Illustration and painting galleries. Category: Illustration\Illustrator Portfolios

Scott Mooney Illustration

Fine and commercial artist offers a brief biography, gallery information, ... Category: Illustration\Cartoons

Captain Awareness Web Page

Information on Captain Awareness, a super-hero who promotes awareness and ... Category: Comics\Titles

Evil Ink

Sci-fi/horror anthology comic from Dragnet Press, including storylines, gallery, creator ... Category: Comics\Titles

The Fantastic Four Fluxion

Interactive index features issue by issue plot summaries, cover scans, ... Category: Comics\Titles


Official site with story and character information, online comic, gallery, ... Category: Comics\Titles

TRIAD: The Unofficial Luornu Durgo Website

Information about Luornu Durgo. From Triplicate Girl, Duo Damsel, Triad, ... Category: Comics\Titles

Heritage Auctions, Inc.

Rare and collectible comic books, vintage comics, and original and ... Category: Comics\Retailers

TRH Gallery

Tom Horvitz' Gallery offers a wide range of comic, strip, ... Category: Comics\Retailers

TV Comics

Buys and sells vintage comic books. Online and at conventions. Category: Comics\Retailers

Southside Comic Reviews

Reviews of new titles, mostly from Marvel and DC; also ... Category: Comics\Reviews

By the Wayside

Self-published comic written and drawn by Leigh Dragoon. Full color, ... Category: Comics\Online

The Incomplete Comicbook Artist Checklist

Bibliographies and news updates concerning Chris Bachalo, Bernie Wrightson, Alex ... Category: Comics\Resources

Studio Daedalus Comics Fonts

Featuring WhizBang, one of the very first authentic comics lettering ... Category: Comics\Resources

Gold Digger Comic and Anime Art Page

Fan art for comic book, anime and furry style art. Category: Comics\Fan Pages

Moore, Leah

Freelance writer of comics, scripts, articles, and short stories. Category: Comics\Creators

Austin Chronicle: SXSW Interactive Festival

Interview about online comics, in section on digital media festival ... Category: Comics\Creators

The Onion AV Club: Scott McCloud

Interview about the problems with digital production, the Napster debate, ... Category: Comics\Creators

The Frank Miller Library

Bibliography of comics, artwork and screenplays. Including cover scans and ... Category: Comics\Creators

The Treatment: Frank Miller

Radio interview by film critic Elvis Mitchell. Program archive also ... Category: Comics\Creators

Fresh Air: Comic Book Artist and Writer Frank Miller

Radio interview about his Dark Knight books. [Requires RealAudio] Category: Comics\Creators

V for Vendetta Shrine

Offers analysis and images from the comic book written by ... Category: Comics\Creators

The Incomplete John Romita Jr. Checklist

Artist's work listed chronologically and by title; also includes interview ... Category: Comics\Creators

Strangmeyer, Sven

Online portfolio of comic art. Category: Comics\Creators

Harmonart Studio

Home of Ava Cain and the comics "Pizzaman,""Spygirl" and "Superbitch." Category: Comics\Creators

Deadcity Comic Books

Alternative studio and publisher of independent creator owned comic books. ... Category: Comics\Creators

Comic Book Artist's Webring

A ring for aspiring comic book artists to display their ... Category: Comics\Creators

Superman fan and collectors convention in Hawaii. An event where ... Category: Comics\Conventions

Raptus Norwegian Comics Festival

Scandinavian comic festival, held in Bergen, Norway annually. Category: Comics\Conventions


Includes program updates, venue, ticket and hotel information, past event ... Category: Comics\Conventions

Elliott, Phil

Art samples from UK cartoonist and animator. Category: Comics\Creators

Hasbudak, Flint Fatih

Includes illustrator's art samples and profile. Category: Comics\Creators

Hosler, Jay

Professor of biology who blends science and art in his ... Category: Comics\Creators


A martial Arts adventure comic book. Requires Flash. Category: Comics\Comic Strips and Panels

Sever and Spark Adventures

Features the sprite comic of Anthony Stamey and Sam Shue. ... Category: Comics\Comic Strips and Panels

Sam and Fuzzy

Serial about a cab driver and his bear-like friend by ... Category: Comics\Comic Strips and Panels

Test Monkey!

Official site of the Justin Bastard Sane creation. Category: Comics\Comic Strips and Panels


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