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Unofficial Frank Frazetta Fantasy Art Gallery

A large gallery of Frank Frazetta's works. Category: Visual Arts\Thematic

Keegan, Charles

Fantasy and sci-fi art of Charles Keegan. Category: Visual Arts\Thematic

BeElleGee's Beauty and the BeastFan Fiction

Simple site with eight stories. Category: Television\Programs

Tarzan and Jane

Cast and episode information. Category: Television\Programs

Miller, Denny

Provides biography, appearance schedule, career credits, media clips, screen saver ... Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Ron Ely at Brian's Drive-In Theater

Contains biography, filmography, and photos. Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Brown Sugar Babe

Dorothy Dandridge site offers biography, filmography, sound clips, gallery and ... Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Barker, Lex

Bi-lingual English-Deutsch site offers biography, filmography, reviews, gallery, dubbing actors ... Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Miles O'Keeffe

Basic facts, a complete filmography, introduction and photos of well-known ... Category: Entertainment\People

Eldridge, Lori - Lori's Poetry

Humorous, heartfelt, Christian and other poetry. Also includes stories, artwork ... Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Lou's Phil Collins Fan Site

Includes information, news, and discography of Phil's work with Genesis ... Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Meredy's Place-Classic Movies/TV/Celebrities

Classic film/TV/celebrity trivia and rare images. Category: Movies\Trivia

Film Tarzans

Photos and biographies of a dozen men who have played ... Category: Movies\Titles

Jungle Love

Salon Magazine decides "Tarzan still swings." Category: Movies\Titles

Tarzan - German-Hollywood Connection

Synopses of all the Tarzan movies, with an emphasis on ... Category: Movies\Titles

Fan page with news, articles, and information on movies, books, ... Category: Movies\Titles

Tarzan Before Disney

Portrait gallery of men who have portrayed Tarzan in the ... Category: Movies\Titles

Teen Critic: The Matrix

Review of the film with user comments. Category: Movies\Titles

Donetta's Disney Dolls and Toys

Offering photographs of licensed products including figurines, videos, plush, playsets, ... Category: Movies\Studios

Reviews On The Side

Reviews of various films, alphabetically indexed. Category: Movies\Reviews

German-Hollywood Connection

Germanic composers of film music are listed with background material. ... Category: Movies\History

Brian's Drive-In Theater

Extensive number of photos of B-movie stars from the 1930s ... Category: Movies\Genres

Poems on Jane Austen

An online collection of mostly light and satirical verse dealing ... Category: Literature\Poetry

Adventure House Publishing

Home of pulp reprint magazine High Adventure, the Spider facsimile ... Category: Literature\Periods and Movements


The history and legacy of the pulps -- the popular ... Category: Literature\Periods and Movements


The magazine for fans of American and British pulp fiction. ... Category: Literature\Periods and Movements

ThePulp.Net: Doc Savage

Brief sketch of the Man of Bronze and links to ... Category: Literature\Periods and Movements

Tarzan Alive

Detailed synopsis of Farmer's biographical study of Tarzan. Includes the ... Category: Literature\Genres

alt.pulp FAQ: The Wold Newton Family

An entry in the alt.PULP FAQ mentioning Philip Jose Farmer's ... Category: Literature\Genres

International Bibliography

Cover scans from international editions of novels by Philip Jose ... Category: Literature\Genres


The magazine for fans of American and British pulp fiction. ... Category: Literature\Genres

Series Gallery

Offers picture galleries, plot summaries and format guidelines for favorite ... Category: Literature\Children's

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Biography and list of texts on-line at Project Gutenberg. Category: Literature\Authors

Panthan Press

Newspaper type fan site for ERB fans. Category: Literature\Authors


Weekly fanzine dedicated to the works of ERB. Category: Literature\Authors

ERBList - The Life and Works of Edgar Rice Burroughs

Listserver plus extensive directory of other ERB sites. Category: Literature\Authors

Edgar Rice Burroughs Web Museum

Articles, photographs, biography and Tarzana from a Canadian enthusiast. Category: Literature\Authors

Kaor: Bill Hillman's ERB World

An online fanzine. Includes a book-collector's bibliography as well as ... Category: Literature\Authors

The Dream Vaults of Opar

Personal explorations of the worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Category: Literature\Authors

Edgar Rice Burroughs of the Silver Screen

Resource guide includes movie reviews, synopses, trivia, memorabilia, info, photos, ... Category: Literature\Authors


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