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JUNO Awards

The JUNO Effect: CTVís 2011 JUNO AWARDS Broadcast Increases Album ... Category: Music\Awards

New Age Reiki and Meditation Music

New Age Music free download by Roger Moretto Music Composer ... Category: Music

Roller Derby

On the road in 1972, the action packed, rough and ... Category: Performing Arts\Theatre


A site which presents the history of St. Louis Broadcast ... Category: Radio\History

Buddy Hackett Wows Copacabana Crowd

Transcript of a 1956 review of the comedian's act by ... Category: Performing Arts\Comedy

Tips On Tables

Reproduction of an article advertising an appearance made by the ... Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Dean Martin

Editorial on the legacy of the performance artist. Includes bibliography. Category: Entertainment\People

Editorial on actor Peter Lawford. Category: Entertainment\People

McCormick Palmer, Jill

A pianist who supports Locks of Love. Biography, music samples, ... Category: Music\Women in Music

Johnnie Ray at the Copa

Profile and a vintage review by Robert W. Dana from ... Category: Music\Styles

Harry Hepcat

Performer of 1950s rock music, provides samples of music, a ... Category: Music\Styles

Amadeus Press

Specialty publisher of books on opera, classical music, music history ... Category: Music\Styles

Music and You Jazz History

This is a brief historical essay on the history of ... Category: Music\Styles

Historian Max Morath on Popular Music Standards

Musician and historian Max Morath discusses American popular music standards ... Category: Music\Styles

University of Oregon School of Music

Offering a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies. Official homepage ... Category: Music\Styles

Music History: Bebop and Beyond

Two-part article concerned with the development of the bebop artist ... Category: Music\Styles

Craig's BigBands and BigNames

Historic reviews and photos from performers of the 1940s, 50s, ... Category: Music\Styles

Goodman Turns Back The Clock

Live performance review by Robert W. Dana, with an image ... Category: Music\Styles

National Music Museum

At the University of South Dakota, this collection includes instruments ... Category: Music\Styles


Musical pilgrimage of Steven Landsberg throughout India. Featuring MP3 and ... Category: Music\Styles

Essentials of Music

Basic information about classical music, including eras, terms and composers, ... Category: Music\Styles

Daily Jukebox Showcase

Full length Real Audio music from the 1940's through 1960's ... Category: Music\Sound Files

The Guitar Guy's Golden Classics

A collection of words and chords for 1000 classic American ... Category: Music\Lyrics

Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and America

Traditional music of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and America. Includes ... Category: Music\Lyrics

MP3s, articles, fingering charts, music, lessons, and links. Category: Music\Instruments

Harmonicas on Display at the National Music Museum, Vermillion, SD.

A list of harmonicas on display, with links to photos. Category: Music\Instruments

Williams, Jeffrey

Trombonist and professor at the University of Oregon located in ... Category: Music\Instruments

Virtual Guitar Lessons, Tabs, Tools and Sheetmusic

Free guitar lessons and tools, including chord and scale calculator, ... Category: Music\Instruments

History of the Piano Forte

A collection of articles about the creation of the piano, ... Category: Music\Instruments

The Pipe Organ

A beginner's guide to the organ: how it works, a ... Category: Music\Instruments

Music Hall

Provides links to music education sites, organized by topic, instrument, ... Category: Music\Education

A large directory where you can find teachers for any ... Category: Music\Education

Dr. Horsehair

Recordings and banjo instruction books in the modern-day clawhammer banjo ... Category: Music\History

The Belgian Pop and Rock Archives

The history of Belgian pop and rock with over 170 ... Category: Music\History

Directory of the fifties doo-wop groups. Includes group biographies and ... Category: Music\Directories

Red Bull Music Academy

Workshops covering music history, technology, skills, and business. Includes video ... Category: Music\DJs

Subbass DJ Academy

Provides tuition to potential djs, and DJs to some of ... Category: Music\DJs

Mozart lives! A page to celebrate, and spread the word about, W. A. Mozart.

A fan-site. It has a section of art, letters from ... Category: Music\Composition

University of Oregon: Harold Owen

Professor of composition. Category: Music\Composition

Kyr, Robert

Picture and biography. Category: Music\Composition


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