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Christian Bale



Blue Moon Rising

Fantasy and science-fiction related media news, and art site reviews. Category: Visual Arts\Thematic

Christian Bale - An Unofficial Appreciation

Fan site includes news, biography, filmography, photos, screencaps, quotes, games, ... Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Yahoo! Movies: Christian Bale

Includes biography, filmography, image gallery and awards. Category: Performing Arts\Acting - Christian Bale

Includes pictures, biography, trivia, and commentary with ratings. Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Wikipedia: Christian Bale

Multi-lingual resource offers acting career summary, biography, photos, filmography and ... Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Fan site features news, television schedule, magazine alerts, wallpapers, icons, ... Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Christian Bale Astrology

Astrological profile for the Welsh actor. Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Enigmatic: Christian Bale Fansite

Provides multi-media files, wallpapers, high-resolution photo gallery, icon packs, toolbar ... Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Christian Bale Biography

Provides biography, full filmography and related links to movie reviews. Category: Performing Arts\Acting

BoxOfficeMojo: Christian Bale

Offers box office information regarding the actor's filmography including studio ... Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Christian Bale Current Month TV Schedule

Features a monthly listing of the actor's movies or appearances ... Category: Performing Arts\Acting

E! Online Fact Sheet: Christian Bale

Includes credits, multimedia, biography, links and related merchandise. Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Hollywood Stock Exchange: Christian Bale

Short biography, filmography and historical trading prices for the Welsh ... Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Batman Workout: Christian Bale Hates Having a Good Body

Christian Bale may be the new Batman, but he wants ... Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Guardian Unlimited Film: The Method In My Madness

Christian Bale began his acting career as a lost little ... Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Christian Bale Fan Club: The Cult of Christian Bale

Christian Bale is now more famous for his fans than ... Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Christian Bale's Weight Loss for The Machinist

Bale states that he never thought, at the time, that ... Category: Performing Arts\Acting

The Brilliant Mister Bale

Christian Bale talks Harsh Times and The Dark Knight in ... Category: Performing Arts\Acting Bale Dreads Filming Batman Sequel In The Summer Heat

Actor Christian Bale is dreading filming the sequel to Batman ... Category: Performing Arts\Acting Christian Bale - War Hero

An interview with the Welsh actor regarding Rescue Dawn. Includes ... Category: Performing Arts\Acting

The A.V. Club: Christian Bale

Given the star's many modest disavowals about his acting career, ... Category: Performing Arts\Acting Christian Bale Pours Body, Soul Into Roles

The star has had three films in 2005, two last ... Category: Performing Arts\Acting


Provides news, a biography, a filmography, media, and fan-to-fan interaction. Category: Entertainment\People

Zounds: Velvet Goldmine

Picture galleries, soundtrack information, quiz, and links to reviews and ... Category: Movies\Titles

Silver Maxwell

Character information, obsession tests, pictures, links, quotes, and cast information. Category: Movies\Titles

Venus, The Velvet Goldmine Fan Planet

Reviews, multimedia, makeup tips, song lyrics, and links. Category: Movies\Titles

Velvet Goldmine: All That Glitters Isn't Ziggy Stardust (NY Rock Movie Review)

Velvet Goldmine is a glittering spectacle that draws you in ... Category: Movies\Titles

Allwatchers: Velvet Goldmine

Analytical review of the film's plot, characters, setting, theme, and ... Category: Movies\Titles

Britmovie: Velvet Goldmine

Review and cast list. Category: Movies\Titles

Salon Entertainment: The Glam That Fell To Earth

"Todd Haynes' opulent ode to the glam-rock era may be ... Category: Movies\Titles

NY Rock: All That Glitters Isn't Ziggy Stardust

Mason Hawk reviews the movie and discusses its the mix ... Category: Movies\Titles - Shaft

Collection of reviews. Category: Movies\Titles

Allwatchers Review - Shaft (2000)

Analytical review of the plot, setting, theme, and structure of ... Category: Movies\Titles

Popkorn Junkie: Reign of Fire

Reviews of the film. Category: Movies\Titles Reign of Fire

Reviews of the movie. Category: Movies\Titles

Absinthe's Newsies

Includes information about the actors, their characters, the film, the ... Category: Movies\Titles

Sarol's Newsie Fan Page

Pictures, fan fiction, synopsis, bloopers, cast profiles, lyrics, quotes, electronic ... Category: Movies\Titles

Laurel Canyon Film Review

Offers commentary and related links. Category: Movies\Titles

Harsh Times: Film Review

The film and its inhabitants are shallow and callous. When ... Category: Movies\Titles

Equilibrium Fansite

Fan site with information, downloads, images, wallpapers, fan fiction, message ... Category: Movies\Titles


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