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Lamberts, Aart

Amsterdam based artist creates highly sylized and monolithic figures either ... Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Arend, Lucien den

Shows sculpture and other artworks placed on and/or around roundabouts, ... Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Peskens, Martyn

Installations of body parts in plaster, epoxy and led's exploring ... Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

World Wide Video Festival

An annual international media art festival held in Amsterdam. Festival ... Category: Visual Arts\Resources

Nieuwenhuys, Jan

Information on the Dutch painter associated with the Cobra movement. ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Hoover, Nan

The artist presents an overview of videos, performances, light and ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Grimaldi, Eduardo C.

Faber Imaginis: Italian artist shows surreal images which appear liquid ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Bosch, Trix

Dutch artist presents a virtual gallery of colorful abstract imagery ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Bayer, Norbert

German artist presents a digital portfolio of "Mister Ministeck" with ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Subnote: As the Money is Yours and Ours

Displays of several art projects using currency. Category: Visual Arts\Performance Art

Musovic, Tafil

Portfolio of symbolic and stylized figurative paintings and drawings. Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Malmgren, Ulf

Mostly realistic nude paintings from special surroundings, such as the ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Weger, Arjan de

Dutch artist paints oil paintings of the female figure influenced ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Cross, Cameron

The Big Easel is a project by a Canadian artist ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting


Contemporary figurative painter based in Amsterdam. (b 1960) Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Smulders, Paul

The artist investigates the boundaries between the photographic and the ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Lanfermeijer, Suzanne

Dutch painter and photographer exhibits both abstract and figurative works ... Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists

Domela, Laura

Artist portfolio of abstract painting and photography. Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists

Tam O'Neill Fine Arts

Denver, CO gallery offering antique prints by artists who explored ... Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Galerie Lieve Hemel

Exhibitions and artists, in Amsterdam. Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

291 Gallery

Dutch and European art with a special emphasis on works ... Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Peter Doeswijk's gallery in Amsterdam

Paintings, sculptures, furniture and other whimsical creations by Peter Doeswijk. Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Art Singel 100

Presents works by Dutch, Belgian and Spanish artists. Includes artist ... Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Jansen, Edgar

Portraits and drawings of dancers and musicians in an impressionist ... Category: Visual Arts\Drawing


Terragen rendered atmospheric landscape galleries, animation, and photography. Category: Visual Arts\Computer Graphics


Black and white and color photographs from around the world, ... Category: Photography\Weblogs

James, Rachel

Images of Dutch life. Contains archive, biography and camera types. Category: Photography\Weblogs

Bullinger, Joe

Collection of infrared images, as well as regular black and ... Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles

de Forest, Bethany

Photographs by Bethany de Forest. Information on the technique, gallery ... Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles


Non-fiction about urban life and international travel by a professional ... Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles

Taylor, Mark Parren

London-based travel, editorial and documentary photographer. Particular specialisms include China, ... Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles

Browne, Robert

Collection of images from Philadelphia, New York, Minnesota, California, and ... Category: Photography\Photographers

Otte, Christian

Scenic photographs in color and black and white from Europe ... Category: Photography\Photographers

Readman, Glen

Collection of photographs, with comments, from Spain, Greece, Mexico, Leicestershire, ... Category: Photography\Photographers

Robertson, Andrew

Images from Europe, North Africa, and New York, as well ... Category: Photography\Photographers

Zimmermann, Jeremie

Large expanding portfolio mainly French in flavour but also including ... Category: Photography\Photographers

Richman, Steven M.

Changing exhibits of fine art and editorial stock photography, specializing ... Category: Photography\Photographers

Crawford, Addison

Photographs from New York, Amsterdam, Paris, Italy, and Australia. Category: Photography\Photographers

Kinley, Len

Photographs of people, animals, sunsets, snow scenes, and landscapes. Category: Photography\Photographers

Webb, Todd (1905-2000)

Images of New York, Paris, and Georgia O'Keeffe. Includes biography, ... Category: Photography\Photographers


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