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Art Directories

Visual Effects


Morph Academy

Morph academy No1 animation institute in Chandigarh and India. Morph ... Category: Animation

Raspberry Animation

Raspberry Animation is a full service stop motion animation studio ... Category: Animation

Whistling Woods International School Of Animation

Whistling Woods International School of Animation is the best animation ... Category: Animation

The Art and Science of Movie Special Effects

There is a wide range of effects that is used ... Category: Movies\Filmmaking


MuktiStudios is a design studio with a talent for using ... Category: Animation

LazyMovie: Outsource rotoscoping and chroma keying

LazyMovie is a visual effects facility that specializes in rotoscoping ... Category: Visual Arts

Draper, Pete

Portfolio of 3D computer graphics, watercolors, and drawings. Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists

Starship Exeter

Contains fan made videos based on the show. Category: Television\Programs

VFXPro - The Post Pipeline on V for Vendetta

Production Designer Owen Paterson notes, "We tried to create a ... Category: Movies\Titles

Talos the Mummy

Review by Richard Scheib. Category: Movies\Titles

Industrial Light and Magic

A special effects company and division of Lucas Digital. News, ... Category: Movies\Titles

Starship Exeter

An original self-produced pilot intended as a concept for a ... Category: Movies\Titles

Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Film Review: Silent Running

Review of the film. Category: Movies\Titles

The SF, Horror and Fantasy Film Review: Prince Valiant

One-star review by Richard Scheib. Category: Movies\Titles

New Zealand Home of Middle Earth

Audiovisual journey through the New Zealand landscapes which were used ... Category: Movies\Titles

The SF, Horror and Fantasy Film Review: Leprechaun in the Hood

Richard Scheib's review. Category: Movies\Titles

The SF, Horror and Fantasy Film Review: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Richard Scheib gives the movie one star. Category: Movies\Titles

The SF, Horror and Fantasy Film Review: Cat People

Richard Scheib's review: "On its own terms 'Cat People' is ... Category: Movies\Titles

The Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Film Review: Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000 (2000)

Cast and credits, plot summary, and in-depth review of the ... Category: Movies\Titles

SF, Horror and Fantasy Film Review: Addams Family Values

Film information, rating, and review by Richard Scheib. Category: Movies\Titles

Visual Effects Society

An organization for digital artists and visual effects technicians. Visual ... Category: Movies\Organizations

Cinefex Magazine

Online guide to, and magazine for, visual effects, computer graphics, ... Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Visual Effects Headquarters

Magazine for professionals in the visual effects industry. Read reviews ... Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Crarer, Sebastan

Background information and clips from the director. Includes reels and ... Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Veritas Pictures

The trade name of Frank Adamo, a director and cinematographer ... Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Digital Producer: Peter Jackson Talks About His Crowning Achievement

Interview with Jackson explaining some of the technical processes used ... Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Brainwave Entertainment

No-budget, independently produced fantasy/sci-fi movies, CG F/X, and warped comedy. ... Category: Movies\Filmmaking


Artist and graphic designer specializing in unusual objects as graphics ... Category: Illustration\Graphics Illustrators

Savannah College of Art and Design

A private, non-profit, accredited college offering bachelors and masters degrees. ... Category: Education\Colleges and Departments

Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (VanArts)

One-year certificate and two-year diploma programs in classical and computer ... Category: Animation\Training

AWN Discussion Forums

Hosted by Animation World Network for fans and professionals alike ... Category: Animation\Chats and Forums


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