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Art Directories



Milne, Carol

Showcases mixed media and glass sculptures and vessels. Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture


Mainly SFF works from The Internet Book Database of Fiction. Category: Literature\Genres

Pooh Corner

Presented by acclaimed international performer Peter Dennis, this fully-illustrated site ... Category: Literature\Children's

Andrea's OhBother Page

Print free Classic Pooh calendars, play games, send post cards, ... Category: Literature\Children's

An Enchanted Page

Reinterpreting the spirit of Pooh in an online setting. Category: Literature\Children's

My Thotful Spot

The deeper meaning of the character, information about the stories ... Category: Literature\Children's

Happy Faces

Available for various types of events including private parties, special ... Category: Bodyart\Bodypainting

Tigger and Company

Games, quizzes, jigsaws, maps to the real 100 Acre Wood, ... Category: Animation\Cartoons

Judith's Winnie the Pooh page

Includes pictures, sounds, stories, games, and recipes. Category: Animation\Cartoons

Pooh Pictures

Includes original drawings and photos of Disney Pooh and Tigger ... Category: Animation\Cartoons

Eeyor's Circle of Friends

Site list, joining instructions, and HTML code. Category: Animation\Cartoons

Friends of Pooh

HTML instructions, site list, and membership information. Category: Animation\Cartoons

Eeyore's Thistly Hideaway

Pictures, sounds, themes, character biography, quotes, coloring pages, and a ... Category: Animation\Cartoons


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