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Manga Translation Webring

A web ring for manga translations only. List of sites, ... Category: Comics\Manga

Anime Tourist: Yoshitaka Amano

Artist profile, past credits, and related links. Category: Comics\Manga


Projects include Addicted to Curry, Gakuen Heaven, Ichigo 100% and ... Category: Comics\Manga

Fruit Bowl

Cover scans, ISBNs, and pictures of various manga. Category: Comics\Manga

Confessions of an Anime Voice Director

Interview with voice actor and director Taliesen Jaffe. Category: Animation\Voice Actors

Anime Tourist: Bob Bergen Speaks Out!

Interview on his work in 'Spirited Away' and other projects. Category: Animation\Voice Actors

Anime Central's Ring of Attack

Highlighting special attacks used by anime characters. Over 50 sites. Category: Animation\Anime

Amie: The Shojo Manga and Anime Webring

Guidelines and HTML fragment. Category: Animation\Anime

A Look Inside Studio Ghibli - Q&A on Spirited Away

Session at the San Francisco International Film Festival. [Anime Tourist] Category: Animation\Anime

Anime Tourist

Includes comments from Miyazaki. Rating: 3.5/4. Category: Animation\Anime

The Original Rurouni Kenshin Web Ring

Sign-up form and guidelines, logo archive, and member utilities. Category: Animation\Anime

Through the Night

Offers plot, character, and chapter information as well as music ... Category: Animation\Anime

Kindred Spirits, an Outlaw Star Website

Story, the manga, curiosities, lyrics, comments about Gene and Melfina ... Category: Animation\Anime

The Nihon Review - Outlaw Star

Story, review, and images. Category: Animation\Anime

Unmasked: Zechs Merquise

Shrine includes character information from the various sagas and a ... Category: Animation\Anime

Kore ga Mitai

Doujinshi archive devoted to GW pilots, plus virtual postcard and ... Category: Animation\Anime

Storyline, screen captures, wallpaper, video clips, MP3 files, and links. ... Category: Animation\Anime

Death God

Fansite with character profiles, episode summaries, and Death Note terms. Category: Animation\Anime

Death Note TV

Encyclopedia, characters, and author information. Category: Animation\Anime

Death God

Contains Viz release dates, scans, graphics, series information, character profiles, ... Category: Animation\Anime

Anime Tourist: A Divine Conversation with the Goddesses (and Keiichi too!)

Interview with all of the major voice talent for the ... Category: Animation\Anime


News, series information, character guide, image gallery, anime episodes, manga ... Category: Animation\Anime

Anime Tourist

News articles, interviews, editorials, photo galleries, forum, and directory of ... Category: Animation\Anime

Xerosoft Interactive Entertainment Co. Ltd.

Reviews, anime 3D imaging lessons, links, specialized software, and postcards. Category: Animation\Anime

Yamitsuki Anime

Animé reviews of series like Cowboy Bebop, Dragon Ball, Dragon ... Category: Animation\Anime

Anime Art

Images, music, and video clips from assorted anime and manga. Category: Animation\Anime

Dragon Mun's Lair

Original anime and furry art, as well as several online ... Category: Animation\Anime

Akaitsuru's Manga, Anime and Fanfiction

Gundam Wing and Rurouni Kenshin works. Category: Animation\Anime


An online dating community for fans of anime and Japanese ... Category: Animation\Anime


Annual Anime Convention in San Francisco, California. The only convention ... Category: Animation\Anime

Tales of Anime

Anime convention in San Mateo, California. Category: Animation\Anime


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