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Reel Movies

Recent film news, reviews, multimedia downloads, and related links. Category: Movies\News and Media

Chasing the Frog

Previews and news about upcoming films, reviews of theatrical releases, ... Category: Movies\News and Media


Trailers, box office statistics, archive of film previews, and movie ... Category: Movies\News and Media

Movie Usher

Information about titles currently playing in theaters, out on home ... Category: Movies\News and Media


News, reviews, trailers and features like movie mistakes. Category: Movies\News and Media

Yahoo! Movies

Showtimes, trailers, reviews, articles, interviews, news, and gossip. Category: Movies\News and Media

The Movie Insider

Provides the film news with casting information, box office reports, ... Category: Movies\News and Media

Rope of Silicon

Features movie news, previews, images, trailers, film awards, weekend box ... Category: Movies\News and Media

The Sci-Fi Movie Page

Movie reviews, news on current and forthcoming films, chat rooms, ... Category: Movies\Genres

Ralph McQuarrie

Collection of conceptual drawings and designs taken from Ralph McQuarrie's ... Category: Movies\Genres

The Greatest Films

Reviews and commentary (with actual film dialogue) of hundreds of ... Category: Movies\History

The Picture Show Man

Dedicated to exploring the history of motion pictures from 1890 ... Category: Movies\History

Not Coming to a Theater Near You

Full and capsule reviews of little-known home video releases. Category: Movies\Home Video

DVD Demystified

Home of the DVD FAQ, information about DVD, and the ... Category: Movies\Home Video

DVD Exclusive

Industry news, profiles of directors, producers, and distributors, reviews, release ... Category: Movies\Home Video

DVD Profiler

Software for cataloging DVD collections. Features, downloads, FAQ, and forum. Category: Movies\Home Video


UK-based site allowing members to trade Region 1 and 2 ... Category: Movies\Home Video

Lets people inventory their collection of DVDs online and then ... Category: Movies\Home Video

Web DVD Guide

DVD only search engine. Category: Movies\Home Video

DVD for the Everyday User

Reviews, news, FAQ, and multi-region play information. Category: Movies\Home Video

Graphic comparisons of releases, upcoming cover images, release calendar, and ... Category: Movies\Home Video

The Cinema Laser

Full-featured DVD web magazine Category: Movies\Home Video

DVD Talk

Online DVD magazine and community with DVD news, reviews, columns, ... Category: Movies\Home Video

Eye Crave DVD

Format FAQ, reviews, hardware evalutaions, easter egg details for over ... Category: Movies\Home Video


Weekly DVD news, previews, and reviews. Category: Movies\Home Video

Home Video/DVD -

Reviews, consumer information, release schedules, and links. Category: Movies\Home Video

DVD In My Pants

DVD and Blu-ray news, reviews, interviews, contests, features, new releases, ... Category: Movies\Home Video

Film Noir Alley

General and specific information about the genre, including relevant literature. ... Category: Movies\Genres

Really Scary

Incorporates horror film news with reviews, interviews, message boards and ... Category: Movies\Genres

Monsters A Go-Go

Features news, related links, horror movie information and reviews as ... Category: Movies\Genres

Scary Horror Movies

Showcases horror film information and descriptions as well as top ... Category: Movies\Genres

Atrocities Cinema

Horror movie news, reviews, fiction, forums, related links and archives. Category: Movies\Genres


Monthly publication that features regularly updated horror movie reviews, upcoming ... Category: Movies\Genres

Hammer Film Productions

Studio specialising in horror. Offering news, merchandise information, features and ... Category: Movies\Genres

About Romantic Movies

An organized, annotated library of links for romance movies, as ... Category: Movies\Genres

About Action/Adventure Movies

Interviews with stars and analysis of trends and classics by ... Category: Movies\Genres

Greatest Films

Detailed coverage of film genres, history and many classic films, ... Category: Movies\Genres

The Picture Show Man!

A resource for fans of vintage films, including an historical ... Category: Movies\Genres

About Comedy and Cult Movies

News and information about movies, TV shows, and actors of ... Category: Movies\Genres

Monsters At Play

Cult and horror movie DVD reviews. Category: Movies\Genres


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