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Music transcription service

Music transcription service for musicians who want, for example, to ... Category: Music

EarlyDues' Early Edition

F.A.Q., episode guide, airing schedules, message board, trivia, images, transcripts, ... Category: Television\Programs

Ultech Corporation

Supplier of encoders, broadcast decoders, and consulting related to character ... Category: Television\Closed Captioning

Captioning Australia

Provider of remote captioning services. CART, transcription services, and television ... Category: Television\Closed Captioning

Olympus America: Advanced Photo System

Olympus's official product list. Category: Photography\Equipment and Services

New England Shakespeare Festival

Touring company that stages shows based on the First Folio ... Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Fisher Stevens Archives

Fansite dedicated to actor Fisher Stevens, includes filmography, biography, images, ... Category: Entertainment\People


Brazilian jazz guitarist, composer and instructor. Category: Music\Styles

Tango Orkestret

Homesite of a Danish band performing Tango music combined with ... Category: Music\Styles

Jazz Resource Center

Systematic approach to piano voicings and scales as well as ... Category: Music\Styles

Joan Wildman: Articles on Jazz Improvisation

Some articles about improv and harmony by a professor at ... Category: Music\Styles

A small collection of piano pieces by classical composers. Requires ... Category: Music\Resources

Brass Scores

Download free brass music, with original compositions and arrangements by ... Category: Music\Resources

Rosenberg, Timothy

Based in New York State, U.S. Biography, calendar, and contact ... Category: Music\Instruments

Baldingen, Markus

From Bonn, Germany. Jazz related. Band-In-A-Box files, sheet music and ... Category: Music\Instruments

Pincock, Christian

Trombonist and composer from Boston, Massachusetts. Includes biography, resume, list ... Category: Music\Instruments

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar

A collection of articles and resources on playing American fingerstyle ... Category: Music\Instruments

Steve McWilliam's Guitar Pages

A collection of resources for acoustic fingerpicked guitar; includes tablature ... Category: Music\Instruments

Steve Mc's Guitar Tablature

A collection of folk tune tabs in TablEdit and zipped ... Category: Music\Instruments

Seume, Tristan

Guitarist and composer for fingerstyle guitar. Performances, tuition, testimonials, album ... Category: Music\Instruments

Eötvös, József

Hungarian guitarist with an international career; includes biography, discography, his ... Category: Music\Instruments

Mirkhani, Behzad

Iranian guitarist and composer; profile, discography, and audio downloads. Category: Music\Instruments

Perso Flamenco: Classic

Links to 400+ MIDI files, many on the site. Category: Music\Instruments

Dirk's Guitar Page

An archive of music for classical and latin guitar in ... Category: Music\Instruments

Guitar Lovers

Teaching advice on many aspects of guitar playing including chords, ... Category: Music\Instruments E-learning center

On-line Lessons for percussion with video, audio, and notation available ... Category: Music\Instruments

The WAP Pages

West-African Percussion rhythms from Guinea and surrounding countries: notation and ... Category: Music\Instruments

Harmony Central: Drums & Percussion

Product news and reviews, articles, free classifieds, software downloads, local ... Category: Music\Instruments

Papadiamandis, Mathieu

Young Greek pianist; short information and presenting his debut recording ... Category: Music\Instruments

Caputi, Omar

Italian organist. Transcriptions of Brandenburg Concertos for organ. Category: Music\Instruments

Staier, Andreas

German fortepianist and harpsichordist. Biography, concert schedule, recent news, discography, ... Category: Music\Instruments

Kunst der Fuge: Franz Liszt

A collection of MIDI files, some based on historical piano ... Category: Music\Composition

Signorile, James V.

(1952- ) Picture, biography, list of works, performances, reviews and ... Category: Music\Composition

Signorile, James V.

(1952- ) Picture, biography, list of works, performances, reviews, and ... Category: Music\Composition

Smith, Scott Eric

(1962- ), Oneonta, New York. Picture, biography, and list of ... Category: Music\Composition

Argent, Mark

(1964- ), English composer and cellist. Biography, performances, works list. Category: Music\Composition

Ferruccio Busoni's MIDI Files

List of fugues and related pieces, many with audio from ... Category: Music\Composition


Guitar tablature for every album, some rare singles, as well ... Category: Music\Bands and Artists

The Brunswickan

Review of 'Jillian Jiggs and the Secret Surprise'. Category: Literature\World Literature

Authorship of Shakespeare's Plays

Evidence that suggests Shakespeare did write the plays attributed to ... Category: Literature\World Literature


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