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Artist Gallery - The Lexicon Art

The concept of The Lexicon Collection started 10 years back. ... Category: Visual Arts

Overthinking It

Popular culture blog covers topics from entertainment and politics to ... Category: Classical Studies


A site where anyone can write a review of contemporary ... Category: Visual Arts\Resources

Frueh, Joanna

Multidisciplinary artist, writer, and scholar presents a website about her ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Rib, Fernando Ureņa

Dominican Painter Fernando Ureņa Rib. Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Ross, Keith

Scottish artist, animator, and web designer showcasing paintings, murals, and ... Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists

Goodwind, Heather

Sculpture, drawing and collage of Buenos Aires based, New York ... Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists

Academy of Fine Arts

Offering classes is life drawing, sculpture, printmaking, photography and painting. ... Category: Visual Arts\Education


An interactive art exhibit of collage works and multimedia projects. Category: Visual Arts\Computer Graphics


An interactive art exhibit of collage works and multimedia projects. Category: Visual Arts\Collage

Michael Medved

Nationally syndicated conservative talk show host and movie critic heard ... Category: Radio\Formats

Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR)

National media watchdog group advocating independence and criticism in journalism. Category: Radio\Advocacy Organizations

Adams, Ansel

Founded by Ansel Adams and friends, this visual arts organization ... Category: Photography\Photographers

An inclusive site for dancers and dance fans dedicated to ... Category: Performing Arts\Dance


Focusing on newer writers and their work. Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Cotts, Brian - Cottsweb

Writer of genre-hopping fiction, experimental things, and the net-column "30". Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Gabree, John

Collection of reviews and commentaries on politics, design and planning, ... Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Sammy, G. K.

Short Stories and Poems from a West Indian. Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

The Intellectual Quarterly

A webzine that features pieces on topics of all genres, ... Category: Online Writing\E-zines

The Infinite Matrix

Edited by Eileen Gunn, with new stories by writers such ... Category: Online Writing\E-zines

Paris Transatlantic

Monthly E-zine covers new music worldwide with features, interviews and ... Category: Music\Styles

Erasing Clouds

Online magazine covering music, film and etc. Published every two ... Category: Music\Styles

Classics Today

Daily reviews of classical recordings. Includes searchable archives. Category: Music\Styles

Holly Gleason

Once a writer and now offering her opinion on a ... Category: Music\Reviews

Don Ignacio's Music Reviews

Lengthy reviews of favorite or not-so-favorite albums. Includes narrative, album ... Category: Music\Reviews

The Contrarian

Music news. Daily source of critical and humorous analysis of ... Category: Music\News and Media

Tsanoff, Hristo

(1947- ), Sofia, Bulgaria. Picture, biography, works, and recordings. Category: Music\Composition

JC Chasez Undone

Evaluating 'N Sync's JC Chasez's songwriting capabilities. Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Buena, Kay

Austin-based singer/songwriter. Photographs and sound files. Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Cinetext - film & philosophy

Internet forum for cinema studies addressing students, researchers, scholars, and ... Category: Movies\Theory and Criticism

Senses of Cinema

An online film journal devoted to the serious and eclectic ... Category: Movies\Theory and Criticism

Movie 666

Takes tongue in cheek view toward movie criticism and many ... Category: Movies\Theory and Criticism

Cinema Review

Essays on film, directors, and genres. Category: Movies\Theory and Criticism

Movie critic Luc-Rock Paquin reviews Hollywood movies and independent films ... Category: Movies\Reviews

Reviews of theatrical and video releases. Category: Movies\Reviews

Mark Reviews Movies

Film reviews and criticism by Mark Dujsik. Category: Movies\Reviews

Cold Fusion Video Reviews

Reviews celebrating B-movies and cult films of all kinds. Category: Movies\Reviews


Film and DVD reviews. Category: Movies\Reviews

Ink & Ashes Film Reviews

Reviews from the perspective that film critics should blend the ... Category: Movies\Reviews


Reviews, essays, commentary and weblog by Stephen Rowley. Category: Movies\Reviews


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