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Photography, Photographic Backdrops, Backgrounds stands, accessories

Backdrop Source is an online seller of Photography Backdrops backgrounds, ... Category: Photography

Backdropsource - Photography Backgrounds, Backdrops stands, Lighting accessories

Backdropsource is an online seller of Photography Backdrops backgrounds, Complete ... Category: Photography

Michaels, Jason

Presents prints and drawings by Sacramento, California, artist. With resume. Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists

The Television Cameraman's Website

Resources, information, forum, and news and articles for camera personnel. Category: Entertainment\Video

Science Fiction and Telefantasy Databanks

Detailed resource featuring dozens of programmes, including many children's programmes. ... Category: Television\Programs

Photography in the 1840s - About Photography

Comparing the Calotype and the Daguerreotype, the first Welsh photograph, ... Category: Photography\Reference

About Photography: Nudes 1920-1940

Consists of on the history of nude photography from 1920 ... Category: Photography\Reference


Devoted to photography using digital and traditional techniques. Includes articles ... Category: Photography\Resources Photography

Collection of links to information and articles about history and ... Category: Photography\Resources

Winogrand, Garry

A critical introduction to his life and work, by Peter ... Category: Photography\Photographers

Giacomelli, Mario (1913-2000)

Article, with links to related sites, about this Italian photographer. Category: Photography\Photographers

About Photography: Diane Arbus

Four page feature examines the life and work of Diane ... Category: Photography\Photographers

About Photography: Documents for Artists - Eugene Atget

An original feature on the work of Atget with links ... Category: Photography\Photographers

About Photography: Bill Brandt - On Show

An original essay on the work of Brandt, with links ... Category: Photography\Photographers

Brassaï - Eye of Paris

Brassaï - by Peter Marshall for About Photography. Category: Photography\Photographers

Dater, Judy

Biography and links at Category: Photography\Photographers

André Kertész (1894-1985)

Information from Peter Marshall for Category: Photography\Photographers

Notable Photographers - Irving Penn

Information from Category: Photography\Photographers

Shutter Freeze

Indian photography forum for professional and amateur photographers to showcase ... Category: Photography\Chats and Forums

The 8mm Film Format Metadirectory

Links to resources on the Internet including web sites, Usenet ... Category: Movies\Filmmaking


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