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Learning Resources

Learning Resources is a leading manufacturer of learning toys and ... Category: Education\Learning Resources


SparkNotes books and SparkNotes exist to help students learn and ... Category: Literature

Research and Writing for Highschool Students

Includes step-by-step instructions on researching and writing, how to find ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Pam Calvert's Writer's Heaven

Children's author, Pam Calvert, offers tips plus she shares the ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Hart, George W.

Geometric sculptures displaying the beauty of mathematical forms in various ... Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Perry, Charles O.

Artist and sculptor. Biography, and list of lectures, publications, shows, ... Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Reed, Stacy

Fractals and other works by this artist who uses digital ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Scott, Tony

Art inspired by computer crashes and digital errors in a ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Flansburg, Matthew

Arizona-based artist and designer shows works in a variety of ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Manatee Middle & High School for the Arts

Providing advanced study and training opportunities in the Visual and ... Category: Visual Arts\Education

AXB ASCII Collection

ASCII's from Bulletin Board days. 1994-2004. Category: Visual Arts\ASCII Art


The daily announcements program from Fairmont Senior High School in ... Category: Entertainment\Video

KLCS Los Angeles

Educational station. Includes schedule, coverage, contact information and links. Category: Television\Stations

B5 Tech-Manual

Detailed site covering the technology, ships and weapons of Babylon ... Category: Television\Programs

Battlestar Galactica Tech-Manual

Guide to the ships, vessels, weapons and technology of the ... Category: Television\Programs

NOVA Online

Companion site to WGBH Science Series. Includes complementary in-depth information, ... Category: Television\Programs

Numb3rs Blog

Comments on the mathematical concepts used in the show, by ... Category: Television\Programs

Wolfram Research: The Math Behind Numb3rs

Mathematical concepts fourth season episodes. Includes active demos and information ... Category: Television\Programs

PBS Kids: Sesame Street

Officials complementing the series, including games, coloring pages, and information ... Category: Television\Programs

Scientific American Frontiers

From alien invasions to the bionic body, the PBS series ... Category: Television\News

Petrell Kallevig, Christine

Uses origami to tell stories. Performance descriptions and contact information. Category: Performing Arts\Storytelling


Steven and Jeanie Petruzzella perform for schools, libraries and family ... Category: Performing Arts\Puppetry

Futrell, Bill

As Dr. Wonderful, presents mathematical magic shows at conventions and ... Category: Performing Arts\Magic

Interview Magazine

Leslie Cafferty talks with the actress in the April 2005 ... Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Powells: Rita Rudner and Her Little Mind, Looking Around

Interview with the comedienne and author by David Weich. Category: Entertainment\People

Lewinter, Marty - My Poetry Page

Classical poetry and neo-romantic compositions for small musical ensembles. Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Polytempo Music Articles

Articles by John Greschak. Includes an annotated bibliography of polytempo ... Category: Music\Theory

Lamb Of God

Official site, with biography, discography, tour dates, weblog, gallery, merchandise ... Category: Music\Styles


The official website of the Arizona-based hardcore/metal band. Category: Music\Styles

The Student Painters

Official site of the band from Indiana County, PA. Includes ... Category: Music\Styles

Know'Ledge Born

Philosophical writings and cultural commentary regarding hip hop. Category: Music\Styles

Brothers Technology: Fractal Music

Research, publications, and compositions by Harlan Brothers. A rigorous treatment ... Category: Music\Styles

Stages in Evolution of Scales, Melody and Harmony

Paper about the stages in the origins of music and ... Category: Music\Styles

Music and Chess

An annotated bibliography of musical compositions related to chess. Category: Music\History

Richard Wagner

Illustrated biography emphasizing his embodiment of the Romantic spirit and ... Category: Music\Composition

Carl Maria von Weber

Biography listed with others of the Romantic Era from the ... Category: Music\Composition

Music History 102: The Renaissance

Composers, major styles and developments, illustrations, and Real Audio RAM ... Category: Music\Composition

Music History 102: The Romantic Era

Composers, major styles and developments, illustrations, and Real Audio RAM ... Category: Music\Composition

Music History 102: The Middle Ages

Composers, major styles and developments, illustrations, and Real Audio RAM ... Category: Music\Composition

Internet Public Library

Biography listed with others of the Romantic Era. Includes portrait. Category: Music\Composition


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