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Love Story


New Paradigms

A Novel about Economic Government, Love Story, Action Adventure, and ... Category: Genres\Literary Fiction

Erika Eleniak by Elman

Features news, articles, FAQ, multimedia, filmography, web ring, and related ... Category: Performing Arts\Acting

American Legends

Original stories and interviews about James Dean Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Griffiths, Ivor

Gothic free verse, short stories, and political poems by an ... Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Tales Etc.

Internet publishing of new and original fiction, thrillers, poetry, short ... Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Bob Sanchez

Massachusetts writer offers fiction, non-fiction, photos and a technical-writing portfolio. Category: Online Writing\Non-Fiction

Loving You

User submitted love poems with features like poem of the ... Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Heaven Scent

An eternal love story in verse. Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Mortal Ghost

Sixteen-year-old Jesse Wright is on the run from his strange ... Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Daniels, Dee

Scat singing, jazz, blues and gospel vocalist. Her biography, reviews, ... Category: Music\Vocal

Somewhere In Time

MP3, MIDI and Audio files. Lyrics and overview of the ... Category: Music\Lyrics

This is my Father

Official site. Category: Movies\Titles

ZapPictures: Still Breathing

Official site. Category: Movies\Titles

USA Today: Over Her Dead Body

Review, by Claudia Puig: "Though the tale may fall short ... Category: Movies\Titles

Killer Me

Reviews, trailer, behind the scenes, press, film festivals, and stills. Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Shades of Day

Official site. Synopsis, cast and crew biographies, multimedia, critic's quotes, ... Category: Movies\Filmmaking

BBC Interactive (BBCi): Doctor Who - Episode Guide

Listing offered of the specific episodes for which the designer ... Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Hindenburg - A Love Story With Sausages

A parody based loosely on the motion picture "Titanic". Contains ... Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Frogun Lee

A tale about a legendary karate fighter named Frogun Lee ... Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Orange, the Novel

Previews the upcoming modern-day Philippine love story. Provides sample chapters ... Category: Literature\World Literature

The Legend of Layla and Madjnun

The story and origin of one of the most popular ... Category: Literature\World Literature

Rothwell, Kate

An ecclectic romance author of Somebody Wonderful. The site contains ... Category: Literature\Genres

Hatcher, Robin Lee

The author of Patterns of Love. Category: Literature\Genres

Kerstan, Lynn

Led by her cat, Lymond de Sevigny, discover the writing ... Category: Literature\Genres

Martin-Arnold, Edwina

The author of Jolie's Surrender. Category: Literature\Genres

Blake, Toni

Toni Blake writes sexy, fast-paced, light-hearted romance novels for Harlequin ... Category: Literature\Genres

Eagle, Kathleen

Romance author of The Last True Cowboy. Category: Literature\Genres

Alan, Gregory

Author of the book "For the Love of Hatred." Category: Literature\Cultural

Castellani, Christopher

Author's website includes news, reviews, biography, recommended reading and links. Category: Literature\Authors

Chateau de Cirey

An illustrated history and description of Voltaire's home 1734-49, with ... Category: Architecture\Building Types

dFX Beauty and the Beast Movie Site

News, features, pictures, FAQ, reviews, and public opinions related to ... Category: Animation\Movies


Shrines to each of the senshi, cats, and some villains. ... Category: Animation\Anime


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