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Exemplarr worldwide is one of the fastest growing companies in ... Category: Classical Studies\Organizations Directory of Writing Contests

Including playwriting competitions. Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources Getting Started

Step-by-step guide includes tips about writer's block, markets, rejections, query ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Author Network

Resources for writers, including links, articles, columns, publishing advice and ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Writing articles and resources. Tips about how to become a ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Poetic Forms: The Triolet

An explanation of the form by Conrad Geller with examples ... Category: Literature\Poetry

Poetic Form: Triolet

An explanation of the form, with the example of "How ... Category: Literature\Poetry

Poetic Forms: The Villanelle

An article by Conrad Geller with examples by E. A. ... Category: Literature\Poetry

Poetry Form - The Villanelle

A description and explanation of the form, with examples and ... Category: Literature\Poetry Poetry

A collection of articles on writing poetry, including articles on ... Category: Literature\Poetry

Some Thoughts on Sestinas

An article by Lawrence Schimel with an example by Joe ... Category: Literature\Poetry

Poetic Forms: The Sonnet

An article by Conrad Geller with examples by Edna St. ... Category: Literature\Poetry

What Is Magical Realism, Really?

Article by Bruce Holland Rogers on the elusive definition of ... Category: Literature\Periods and Movements

Dream Sequence

PDF downloads of SFF author Steve Lazarowitz's self-published works [paid]. Category: Literature\Genres

Life on the Jupiter Moon

Ebook of author Shane Kennedy's life on the Jupiter Moon. Category: Literature\Genres

Winters, C.J.

The author of Moon Night. Category: Literature\Genres

Forbidden romance?

Why are electronically published romance novels not receiving the blessings ... Category: Literature\Genres

Ammann, Lillie

The author of the romance novel Stroke of Luck. Information ... Category: Literature\Genres

Brandmeyer, Diana Lesire

Inspirational romance author of A Time to Dance. Read the ... Category: Literature\Genres

Campbell, Terry

The author of Intimate Investor from Hard Shell Word Factory Category: Literature\Genres


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