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GTH Electronics

Manufacture and sell direct the "Ace" Digital Video Standards Converter ... Category: Entertainment\Video

1st Timecode Calculator

Small, fast, powerful, easy to use, and full featured SMPTE ... Category: Entertainment\Video

Rarevidz Tape Trading

Live-action shows, movies, and Asian programs. Includes information on policies ... Category: Television\Trading

Lyngemark Satellite Chart

Provides technical data for satellite TV and radio channels worldwide ... Category: Television\Satellite


Information on equipment and satellite position chart. Category: Television\Satellite

Christian Taeuber's 3D Gallery

Collection of colour anaglyphs and stereo photo techniques. Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles

Archie - The Story of Cary Grant

Site about the musical "Archie", based on the life of ... Category: Performing Arts\Acting

The Cary Grant Statue Campaign

A campaign for a memorial to this famous Hollywood star ... Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Metal Bootleg Videos

Thrash, Black, Death metal - both NTSC and Pal systems. Category: Music\Trading Notorious (1946)

Review by Laila Valente. Category: Movies\Titles

Kaiju Headquarters

Kaiju biology, photographs, movie reviews, kaiju profiles, Toho casting crew, ... Category: Movies\Titles

Les Oiseaux De Passage (1998)

Victims of China's "One-Child" policy. A Quest for freedom in ... Category: Movies\Titles

Carry's Film Page: Birds of Passage

INcludes summary, cast list, and pictures. Category: Movies\Titles

Arsenic and Old Lace - Review by Heather Doughty. Category: Movies\Titles

The Awful Truth (1937)

Cary - Review by Donna Moore. Category: Movies\Titles

Amazing Adventure - Review by Debbie Dunlap. Category: Movies\Titles

An Affair to Remember - Review by Helen Fredericks. Category: Movies\Titles

Alice In Wonderland - Review by Gael Sweeney. Category: Movies\Titles


Contains links to over 60,000 DVD reviews from various sources. ... Category: Movies\Home Video

Classic Images Magazine

Information about film history, subscriptions, and online reviews of film ... Category: Movies\Memorabilia

Genta, Pier Giacomo

Director specialised in advertising shorts and documentaries. Site may be ... Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Monaco International Film Festival

Competitive film festival open to cinéphiles from around the world. Category: Movies\Film Festivals

Brainwave Entertainment

No-budget, independently produced fantasy/sci-fi movies, CG F/X, and warped comedy. ... Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Asian Film Reviews

Useful resource providing short synopses of current Asian movies. Category: Movies\Cultures and Groups

Song of the South

Includes information on the various PAL VHS releases of the ... Category: Animation\Movies

Midnight Eye

Tom Mes calls it "one of Miyazaki's best works to ... Category: Animation\Anime


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