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Czaplinski, Frank

Dusseldorf-based artist shows abstract works in painting, fresco, and mixed ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Coulombe, Patrick

Montreal artist shows current works in progress. Photos and videos. Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Calandre, Eloise

London-based artist shows photos and drawings. Figurative. Category: Visual Arts\Personal

American Trance Productions

Dedicated to the current work of Erik Moskowitz. Resume, video ... Category: Visual Arts\Performance Art

Dogon Effff

To open perception, to rupture lines of experience, Dogon Efff ... Category: Visual Arts\Performance Art


An online visual game with each choice determining the next ... Category: Visual Arts\Performance Art

Movement Dialogue

A movement and film collaboration between Tamsin Spain and Sarah ... Category: Visual Arts\Performance Art

Anderson, Stephen

Diverse portfolio of photography, drawings, paintings, graphic design, textile design, ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Apollo GT

Galleries of paintings, drawings, photography, and computer graphics by the ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Milburn, Heather

Poet, performance artist and Imperial Orgy community member. Projects and ... Category: Visual Arts\Performance Art

Forsyth, Iain and Pollard, Jane

London based artists, Forsyth and Pollard, began collaborating at Goldsmiths ... Category: Visual Arts\Performance Art

Hopkins, Sarah

Artist and printmaker in South Wales, Great Britain, with diverse ... Category: Visual Arts\Performance Art

Elroy, Atomic

Video installation and performance artist. Contact information included; located in ... Category: Visual Arts\Performance Art


Offers art trivia, cartoons, displays, auctions, artist opportunity listings and ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Algazi, Ezi

Still life, landscaping, people and figures; exotic tropical Islands and ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Dana E.

Many unique color portraits in pastel. Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Fenton, Michael

A virtual gallery featuring oil paintings which stretch the boundaries ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Kocsis, James Paul

Painter whose work has excited imaginations of art specialists and ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Rib, Fernando Ureņa

Dominican Painter Fernando Ureņa Rib. Category: Visual Arts\Painting


Expressive paintings gallery by an artist using several mediums. Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Naccarato, John

Recent works by contemporary Canadian artist John Naccarato, exploring the ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Groebel, Matthias

Computer aided painting: Walk through exhibitions, visit the studio, get ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Azofeifa, Rafael

Latin American artist residing in Costa Rica. Includes art work ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Fields, Duggie

Featuring contemporary London artist's paintings, virtual gallery, prints, history, MAXIMALism ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Harvey, Michael

A selection of paintings and writings by the artist Michael ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Marinho Regia

Slide show of abstract expressionist paintings in a multilayered 'lines ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Piasson, Valdeci

Brazilian artist in several media, including architectural decoration. Resume and ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Nita Leland's: Exploring Color for Creative Artists

Information on color theory, creativity, design, watercolor, collage, workshops, art ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

The School of Light and Color

Gallery and art school featuring Susan Sarback's painting in the ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Thunder People

Digital Art, Poems, Native American Culture, Music, Metaphysical and Articles ... Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

Wolf's Den - Native Crafts and Fine Jewelry

Chokers, earrings, breast plates, buffalo lances, rattles, pipes, dance staffs, ... Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal


A Hungarian-Swedish conceptual artist exhibits installation, photography, video, sculpture, drawing, ... Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists

Tedder, Mike

Creates contemporary works in print, mosaic, photographs and coloured paper ... Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists

Wiener, Daniel

Abstract sculpture, and painting. Also includes animation, and design. Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists

Wheeler, Daniel

A L.A. based sculptor, installation, and performance artist. Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists

Johnson, James W.

Gallery of paintings, drawings, sculpture, prints, and digital art. [Windows ... Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists


Featuring fantastic paintings, drawings, digital art, photography and music. [Flash] Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists

Michaels, Jason

Presents prints and drawings by Sacramento, California, artist. With resume. Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists

McDonald, Colin

Creating mixed/multi media conceptual art concerning the interconnectivity of the ... Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists

Nasr, Moataz

Contemporary Egyptian artist from Cairo whose work encompasses installations, video, ... Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists


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