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Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine

Stories in EQMM and AHMM have won numerous awards, including ... Category: Genres\Mystery

Oz Unofficial Forum

Online discussion board about the show. Category: Television\Programs

JennyAnn's FanFiction

There are several Law & Order stories here. Category: Television\Programs

Homicide Games

Includes "The Homicide Challenge" quiz for fans and a roleplaying ... Category: Television\Programs

Fisher Stevens Archives

Fansite dedicated to actor Fisher Stevens, includes filmography, biography, images, ... Category: Entertainment\People Joe Mantegna - One of Us

The respected actor speaks with Jay S. Jacobs about his ... Category: Entertainment\People

Brassy K's Tribute to Stepfanie Kramer

Photos, filmography, and polls. Category: Entertainment\People

The Bob Crane Experience

Sounds, songs, filmography, links and photographs. Category: Entertainment\People

Official Bruce Campbell Sound Library

Collection of .wav files from the actor's television and film ... Category: Entertainment\People

Poems of Death and Dismay

Poems of death, dismay, and other things dark and bizarre. Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Detective Lieutenant Nick DeLeon

Original, hardboiled detective pulp-fiction. Offers text-only or multi-media options. Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Homicide: The Game

Serial murder mystery is updated weekly. Readers can solve the ... Category: Online Writing\Fiction


Official website for the New York Death Metal band. Category: Music\Styles

New Zealand Blues Society

News from around the world, interviews and articles, plus profiles ... Category: Music\Styles

New Zealand Blues Artists

Directory from the New Zealand Blues Society. Category: Music\Styles

Out of Time

Official site with story, characters, trailer, production information, photographs, and ... Category: Movies\Titles

Leisure Readers Book Club

Mystery, crime and romance novels. All the latest book releases. ... Category: Literature\Genres

Wilson, John Morgan

Includes information on the Benjamin Justice series, list of appearances ... Category: Literature\Genres

Over My Dead Body!

Quarterly magazine of mystery fiction, articles, and reviews; web site ... Category: Literature\Genres

The Mystery Place

Dell Magazines' official site for its Alfred Hitchcock and Ellery ... Category: Literature\Genres

Interview of Joy Fielding

1995 author interview from the Over My Dead Body mystery ... Category: Literature\Genres

Sue Grafton

Official site produced by Grafton's publisher. Category: Literature\Genres

Bosco, Antoinette

Author of "Choosing Mercy," the story of her spiritual journey ... Category: Literature\Authors


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