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Dark Poetry



Dark Psyche Poetry

This site represents life's journey through the eyes of depression. ... Category: Literature\Poetry

Dark Poetry-Darkheart

These words are my journey through depression, anger, and love... Category: Literature\Poetry

Nichelle's Sailor Moon Page

Includes fan art, picture slides, SM links, and character profiles. Category: Animation\Anime

Old Poetry

Learn from the poetic wisdom of the ages. Articles and ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Poetry Club/Literary Angels

An online writing community dedicated to writers and poets of ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Noor, Farhan - Poetry Book

A collection of poems. Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Devin, Darcy - Beyond Midnight

Dark poetry and short stories. Invites user submissions. Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Isbell, Patrick - Shadow Walker's Realm

By a teenage poet in Alabama. Showcases original work about ... Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Lamberson, Mindy - Crimson Lies

Depressing and suicidal poetry and journal. Also a rantings section ... Category: Online Writing\Poetry

StarRides Universe

A multi media poetry site which features full color background ... Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Corvidae, Rusty - Welcome to My Darkside

Poetry and art with a Celtic influence. Includes a guestbook. Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Dias, Tiago - The Druid's Poetry Corner

Dark and love poetry, stories, guest writers and poetry webring. Category: Online Writing\Poetry

DeVault, William F. - The Romantic Poet of the Internet

This internationally published author wrote over 400 poems and eloquences, ... Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Downs, Sheila - Sheila's Beloved Poetry

A small collection of personal poetry. Category: Online Writing\Poetry

The Poetry Club

A community for poets to post and review written works. ... Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Screaming Silence

Original dark poetry by Sorrow Nightshade and other lost souls. ... Category: Online Writing\Poetry

The Tragic Page

Gothic poetry by "tradgichik". Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Azorath's Dark Realm

Offers poetry and essays written in a dark/Gothic style. Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Deadly Desire

Poetry written about real life subjects. Written about dark themes. Category: Online Writing\Poetry

In the Shadows

This site is for dark poets and for dark poetry. ... Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Davis, Stacey - The Works and Musings of

Providing for the reader a collection of poetry, prose works, ... Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

E Writers Block

Stories, poetry, and articles sorted by author. Accepts submissions. Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Hernandez, Arturo - Stories Bizarre

A collection of poems and short stories. Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Latendresse, Sasika - Waterdelph

Dark Humour, fiction, poetry, and vampire short stories. Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Journals From the Mill

Journal entries and poetry written while living in a 140 ... Category: Online Writing\Journals

Eros in Exile

Leilah Wendell's latest book of necromantic verse dedicated to the ... Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Depths of the Dungeon

Imagination can take you anywhere. A site of strange poems ... Category: Online Writing\Fiction

fansite about dark music, metal, gothic, darkwave and other types ... Category: Music\Styles


Industrial artwork, dark poetry, and photography. Category: Music\Styles

Retort Magazine

Journal of new art and literature. Poetry, gallery, and news ... Category: Education\Magazines and E-zines

Poems by Sir George Etherege

Five of Etherege's poems. Category: Literature\World Literature

Tosches, Nick

Poetry, prose and music by Hubert Selby Jr. and Nick ... Category: Literature\Poetry

Oldpoetry: Augusta Davies Webster

Collection of her poems. Category: Literature\Poetry

Childs, Bob

Braids On The Wall, a book of poems and images ... Category: Literature\Poetry

Longar, Sarah - Poetry is Black

Poetry and prose, written mainly for school projects or personal ... Category: Literature\Poetry

Moore, Dena L.

Poetry of love, loss, and the occult from her collections ... Category: Literature\Poetry

Aloysius Bertrand: Fantasies

Selected prose poems by the first French prose poet in ... Category: Literature\Poetry

Poetry and Translation : The Uncreated

A game about language paradoxes, the poetry of Rebecca Behar ... Category: Literature\Poetry

Smith, M. Richard

Author and poet; with samples, extracts and a biography. Category: Literature\Authors

Oldpoetry - Edwin Muir

A brief profile and a selection of poems by Muir. Category: Literature\Authors


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