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Mystery Writer


Crime Writers' Association

Mystery Writers of America is the leading association for professional ... Category: Genres\Mystery

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A Story To Be Told

Various short stories or chapters and poetry from multiple artists. ... Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Furlong, Nicola

Includes author and book information, appearance schedule and writing tips. Category: Literature\World Literature

Van Wormer, Laura

Critically acclaimed novels includes passion, mystery, murder, suspense, romance and ... Category: Literature\Genres

McNamara, Evan

Features news, excerpts, and a biography. Category: Literature\Genres

Mallory, Michael

Compendium of the author's literary works. Includes online ordering. Category: Literature\Genres

Matsis, John P.

Physician and writer. Features a biography, information about novels, and ... Category: Literature\Genres

Ruth M. McCarty

Ruth M. McCarty is a mystery short story writer and ... Category: Literature\Genres

Olson, Karen E.

Information about the author of Sacred Cows, which features police ... Category: Literature\Genres

Ellery Queen

Information about the writer and character. Category: Literature\Genres

Stackhouse, Bill

Author of the Ed McAvoy Mystery Series, set in New ... Category: Literature\Genres

Squire, Elizabeth Daniels

Author of the Peaches Dann series and numerous short stories. ... Category: Literature\Genres

Schwinghammer, Dave

Biography, excerpt from Soldier's Gap, short stories, and the author's ... Category: Literature\Genres

Wright, Nina

Author of the humorous Whiskey Mattimoe series (as well as ... Category: Literature\Genres

Donald Westlake

Official site with biography, bibliography, novel descriptions and covers, and ... Category: Literature\Genres

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Over My Dead Body!

Quarterly magazine of mystery fiction, articles, and reviews; web site ... Category: Literature\Genres

Talking Mystery With Lawrence Block

Brief interview with the author. Category: Literature\Genres

Tangled Web

Author profile, bibliography, and story lines. Category: Literature\Genres

Campbell, Chester D.

Home of the series featuring retired OSI Agent Greg McKenzie. ... Category: Literature\Genres

Copling, Steve

The official site of the author of the Rush/Chinbroski series. ... Category: Literature\Genres

Agatha Christie

Official site includes biography, bibliography, stories, and information about the ... Category: Literature\Genres

Interview of Joy Fielding

1995 author interview from the Over My Dead Body mystery ... Category: Literature\Genres

Stuart Kaminsky

Author's site featuring information on past, present and future projects, ... Category: Literature\Genres

Carol Kluz Home Page

Official site for authors Carol Randy and Carol Kluz. Category: Literature\Genres

Ruth Rendell

Details of works, life and links to other authors. [Dutch ... Category: Literature\Authors

Manchee, William

Prolific mystery and suspense novelist. Category: Literature\Authors

Engling, Richard

Author of futuristic detective novel, Body Mortgage, his works include ... Category: Literature\Authors


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