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Erotic Poetry


Who, Dave - The One and the Only

This poet presents erotic sonnets and other poetry about birth, ... Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Morse, Stephen S. - Alive and Still Beat

The collected works of this San Francisco Bay area beat ... Category: Online Writing\Poetry

McElroy, Sharon - Poetry and Thoughts For the Day

Romance, sensuous, passionate modern contemporary poetry by Sharon McElroy. Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Reflection of My Soul

Poetry expressing love, bisexuality and freedom of choice. Category: Online Writing\Poetry

DeVault, William F. - The Romantic Poet of the Internet

This internationally published author wrote over 400 poems and eloquences, ... Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Downs, Sheila - Sheila's Beloved Poetry

A small collection of personal poetry. Category: Online Writing\Poetry


A collection of harsh, dark, user-submitted poetry. Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Retort Magazine

Journal of new art and literature. Poetry, gallery, and news ... Category: Education\Magazines and E-zines

Moore, Dena L.

Poetry of love, loss, and the occult from her collections ... Category: Literature\Poetry

Villanelle at Sundown

By Donald Justice. Category: Literature\Poetry

Morse, Stephen

Work and comments of Oakland beat poet. Poems by date, ... Category: Literature\Poetry

Scheu, Ted

Original poetry for kids. Category: Literature\Poetry Poetry Articles

Articles about poets, poems, and poetry in general. Includes book ... Category: Literature\Poetry Poetry Archive

Personal collection of favourite works by poets including Leonard Cohen, ... Category: Literature\Poetry

Poems by Donald Justice

Text of several poems. Category: Literature\Authors

Donald Justice - A Poet's Poet

Review of A Donald Justice Reader by Dana Gioia. Category: Literature\Authors


Jeffers 1935 poem. Category: Literature\Authors

Plagiarist Poetry Archive: Robinson Jeffers

Collection of poems, some with reader comments. Category: Literature\Authors


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