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Art Directories

Artificial Intelligence


MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

CSAIL research is conducted by approximately 50 research groups organized ... Category: Visual Arts\Computer Graphics

mantas illustration

I have professional experience working in 3d animation company, as ... Category: Illustration\Illustrator Portfolios

International School of New Media

The ISNM has been rewarded a number of third-party funded ... Category: Animation

Paulsen, Espen

RAMA3D - Science fiction 3D art by the artist, as ... Category: Visual Arts\Thematic


Robotic organisms and animatronic interfaces for technomyths. Photos and contact ... Category: Visual Arts\Performance Art

Yiannis, Melanitis

Greek artist who creates interactive performances [mostly web connected]. In ... Category: Visual Arts\Performance Art

Artlandia Gallery

Showcase of images created with Artlandia graphic software tool. Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Butler, Billy

Contemporary avant-grade photography coving landscape and urban scenes. Category: Photography\Photographers

The Emmanuelle Chriqui Info Pages

Filmography with scanned magazine and newspaper images. Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Haley Joel Osment

Fan site with biography, filmography, pictures, interviews, news, and downloads. Category: Entertainment\People

Flawless - Jude Law

News, biography, photo galleries, interviews and songs by Jude Law. Category: Entertainment\People

ap project site

site for ap projects investigating the liberation of data encoding ... Category: Music\Styles

Wallace, John Bruce

A composer, improvisational jazz guitarist, and painter; includes his profile, ... Category: Music\Instruments

Miranda, Eduardo Reck

Composer of electronic music. Compositions, research, and publications. Category: Music\Composition

Aphex Twin -- Drukqs

The Official Aphex Twin drukqs microsite with Mp3s and lots ... Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Everything Johnny Five

A tribute to the robot Johnny Five with a DVD ... Category: Movies\Titles


Fan site featuring information on the Short Circuit series centering ... Category: Movies\Titles

All-Reviews.com - A.I.: Artificial Intelligence

Reviews of the movie. Category: Movies\Titles

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

General information on the film and its cast and crew, ... Category: Movies\Titles

Flipside Movie Emporium: A.I. Artificial Intelligence

Review by Rob Vaux, along with viewer comments about the ... Category: Movies\Titles

Entertain Your Brain: About a Boy

Positive review by Shawn McKenzie. Category: Movies\Titles


Collection of information on movies, soundtracks, books, games, videos, sounds, ... Category: Movies\Genres

TTTM Science Fiction

Classic science fiction works, including one of fictional science relating ... Category: Literature\Genres

Science Fiction and Society

Discusses science fiction and its ties to human culture and ... Category: Literature\Genres


Reviews of near future SF novels. Category: Literature\Genres

Douglas Adams and the Enigma

Provides quotations and parts from interviews of the "Hitchhiker" author. Category: Literature\Authors

Macrovu, Inc.

Case studies and examples of the "power of visual language ... Category: Illustration\Specialized

Institute for Creative Technologies

Program of the University of Southern California. Information on internships, ... Category: Graphic Design\Education

200ok & Linktanks

Complex Shockwave art projects. Category: Digital\Net Art


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