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Historical Fiction



Soon's Historical Fiction Site

Provides a list of resources on historical fiction and novels ... Category: Genres\Historical Fiction

Historical Accuracy

A quickie on historical accuracy - by Cynthia Sterling. Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Historical Cheat Sheet

All About Romance: History and Travel and Castle of the ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

All About Romance: Medieval Times

Provides cheat sheets for researching this time period. Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

The Literary Times

A journal for lovers of romantic fiction. How-to articles, author ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

The Practicing Writer

Offers resources (including links and a free monthly newsletter) to ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Virtual Conference Home

This is a Virtual Conference on writing historical fiction. The ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Historical Fiction Critique Group

For writers of historical fiction who need critiques of their ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

The Historical Novel Society

An organization for readers and writers that promotes all aspects ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Here Come The Brides - Fan Fiction

Fan fiction based on the series. Category: Television\Programs

A Story To Be Told

Various short stories or chapters and poetry from multiple artists. ... Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

The New York City Newsgirls Union

The central site for a collection of writing circles based ... Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Merlin the Mad's Medieval Reader

Two novels, In the Image of Their God, about the ... Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Adventure Stories from Dr Bob Rich

A free historical adventure fantasy; short stories and an essay. Category: Online Writing\Fiction

REVOLUTION: Novella-In-Progress

A novella-in-progress. The budding romance of a Hebrew freedwoman and ... Category: Online Writing\Fiction

G.W. Reynolds III

Official website of this Southern Gothic writer whose books revolve ... Category: Online Writing\Fiction

The Copperfield Review

A quarterly online literary journal devoted to historical fiction. Category: Online Writing\E-zines

Bygone Days

Features historical fiction, short stories, editorials, and articles. Category: Online Writing\E-zines

Paris Woman Journal - Gladiator (2000)

Review by Brian W. Fairbanks with background on the "spectacle". Category: Movies\Titles

Dorothy Dunnett

A celebration of the life of the historical fiction writer. ... Category: Literature\World Literature

Imaginary Evidence: The Historical Fiction of Alice Munro

Essay by Reid Mitchell. Category: Literature\World Literature

Random House: Margaret Atwood

Features an interview with Atwood, an audio clip, and an ... Category: Literature\World Literature

Moran, Thomas

Author of "The Man in the Box" (1997), "The World ... Category: Literature\World Literature

The Prince and the Pauper

In plain text, zipped plain text, or zipped HTML, at ... Category: Literature\World Literature

The Pioneers

Etext at Project Gutenberg. Category: Literature\World Literature

The Last of the Mohicans: A Narrative of 1757

Etext at Project Gutenberg. Category: Literature\World Literature

Lassiter, Karl

Lassiter is a pen name of Robert E. Vardeman and ... Category: Literature\Genres

Betty Zane

Etext at Project Gutenberg. Category: Literature\Genres

All About Romance: The All About Romance Web Ring

Contains details about how to join as well as how ... Category: Literature\Genres

Painter, Sally

Author of erotic romance books in fantasy, futuristic, paranormal, and ... Category: Literature\Genres

Taylor, Michael

UK-based writer of potent romantic sagas,and one of the UK's ... Category: Literature\Genres

Van Nuys, Joan

Adventure-packed historical romances are about strong heroines and courageous but ... Category: Literature\Genres

All About Romance

AAR Listserv Category: Literature\Genres

All About Romance: The Cover Controversy

Annual contest and review of the year's best and worst ... Category: Literature\Genres

Covers Covered by Carol: Franco Accornero, the Romance Artist We Can't Resist

Article about the artist, with examples and commentary on his ... Category: Literature\Genres

Historical Novel Society

In the first two years the HNS has grown to ... Category: Literature\Genres

Monteloup-Angélique series...

Monteloup, a website dedicated to Anne and Serge Golon, aka ... Category: Literature\Genres

All About Romance: Kay Mussell

Are Feminism and Romance Novels Mutually Exclusive? Category: Literature\Genres

Dangerous love

The murder of a romance novelist by her dashing but ... Category: Literature\Genres

All About Romance At the Back Fence column

At the Back Fence is our bi-weekly column, online since ... Category: Literature\Genres


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