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Penguin Group (USA)

Penguin Group (USA) publishes under a wide range of prominent ... Category: Genres\Maritime Literature

Mirvis, Tova

Author of "The Ladies Auxiliary" (1999) and "The Outside World" ... Category: Literature\World Literature


Magazine includes pre-publication reviews of adult, children's and reference books ... Category: Literature\Reviews and Criticism

Recommending Reading

Recommendations ranging from chicklit to gardening. Category: Literature\Reviews and Criticism

This online book club is designed for readers who want ... Category: Literature\Reading Groups


Encourages readers to read, register, and release books for others ... Category: Literature\Reading Groups


Offers information about UK books for kids, teens, and adults. ... Category: Literature\Reading Groups

Book Movement

Offers tools for managing a book club, including reminder e-mails, ... Category: Literature\Reading Groups

Curled Up with a Good Book

Book reviews and recommendations for new and backlist nonfiction and ... Category: Literature\Reviews and Criticism

Penguin Group

Publishing New York Times bestselling suspense writer of Riptide, Catherine ... Category: Literature\Genres

Hatcher, Robin Lee

The author of Patterns of Love. Category: Literature\Genres

Leisure Readers Book Club

Mystery, crime and romance novels. All the latest book releases. ... Category: Literature\Genres

Burroughs, Augusten

Official site; with a biography and tour news. Category: Literature\Cultural

Ireland, Sally

Author's site includes biography, excerpts and reviews of her novels, ... Category: Literature\Authors


The digital counterpart of the American Library Association's Booklist magazine. ... Category: Literature


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