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Cassell Network of Writers

Free how-to tips for serious freelance writers and book authors, ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Ray's Writing Tips

Links to search engines and Ray's software. Some essays and ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Bayer, Norbert

German artist presents a digital portfolio of "Mister Ministeck" with ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Dawson's Creek The Fan Page

Updates, information about the show and cast, bookstore, chat, quotes, ... Category: Television\Programs

A simplified zone system for correctly exposing negatives

A tutorial on a simplified version of the zone system, ... Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles

American Musical Theatre: An Introduction

Overview of the development of American musical theatre. Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Calliope Productions Inc.

Located in Boylston, a non-profit theatre company. Annually presents five ... Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

Magic Circle Players Theatre

In continuous operation since 1959 with five scheduled productions every ... Category: Performing Arts\Theatre

MSN Learning & Research: Popular and Social Dance

From the early Middle Ages to the 1990s. Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Contra Dance Primer

A concise description, including the social and musical aspects. Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Dance Awakening at Harbin Hot Springs

Dance weekend in April near Calistoga, California. Category: Performing Arts\Dance

Tony Calucci's Dance Extension

Studio in Dublin and Westerville, Ohio offers introductory and professional ... Category: Performing Arts\Dance


Japanese artist brings humor and jokes into rock music. Category: Performing Arts\Comedy

Zhang Ziyi

Biography, filmography, facts, interviews, picture resources, and notes. Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Eric Johnson: Not Just Another Pretty Face

Unofficial fan site includes news, picture gallery, multimedia clips, profile, ... Category: Entertainment\People

Romance at a Glance.. Dare to Dream

Site offers online "tidbits" of what the reader might look ... Category: Online Writing\Fiction

The Basics of Reading Music

Kevin Meixner offers a free tutorial that teaches about the ... Category: Music\Theory


An introduction to Schenkerian analysis for undergraduate music students. Includes ... Category: Music\Theory

Invisible Touch

UK based Genesis tribute band. Includes band history, news, reviews ... Category: Music\Styles

Schola Cantorum Petropolitana

Offers teaching of early Western European Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque ... Category: Music\Styles

Shergold Guitars

A guide to these classic 70s British guitars, basses and ... Category: Music\Instruments

Introduction to Saz and other Middle Eastern Long-neck Lutes

A history and description of the long-necked lute family, including ... Category: Music\Instruments

Suits Me: The Double Life of Billy Tipton

Biography by Diane Middlebrook. Excerpt from the book, timeline with ... Category: Music\Instruments

Niblock, James

(1917- ) Picture, biography, and list of compositions. Category: Music\Composition

MSN Learning & Research: Brahms, Johannes

Concise Encarta Encyclopedia article on the composer with citation guidelines ... Category: Music\Composition

Bizet, Georges

Concise Encarta Encyclopedia article linked to portrait plus scene and ... Category: Music\Composition

PopEntertainment: Joss Stone - Soul Sister

The teenaged British singer checks in with Jay S. Jacobs ... Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Prozzak: The Un-Official Site

News, lyrics, fan art and links. Category: Music\Bands and Artists


Music, movies, people and timeline. Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Friedman, Marty

Information about his solo works and past bands, including Cacophony, ... Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Barron, David and Irene

Features a description of Hotel California, their sci-fi mystery thriller. ... Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Rat's Bite

A short screenplay written by Larry A. Jaggard. See titles ... Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Fellini: Images and Archetypes

A personal perspective on Fellini's films and imagery by Gerry ... Category: Movies\Filmmaking

French Cinema - MSN Encarta

The historical development of the cinema in France. Category: Movies\Cultures and Groups

Rogues, Vagabonds, and Sturdy Beggars: The Beginner's Guide to the Shakespeare Authorship Mystery

Overview of the Shakespeare authorship mystery. Category: Literature\World Literature

MSN Encarta: Bacon, Francis

Peruse a brief profile, and link to other resources on ... Category: Literature\World Literature

MSN Learning & Research: Vonnegut, Kurt, Jr. (1922- )

American novelist, whose breezy style and innovative subject matter gained ... Category: Literature\World Literature

Encarta: Whitman, Walt

Encyclopedia article provides an overview of Whitman's life and work. Category: Literature\World Literature

Ann Charters Interview

1992 audio interview by Don Swaim with author of Beat ... Category: Literature\Periods and Movements

Robert Stanek A-Z

Find a bibliography and chronology of all the author's books, ... Category: Literature\Genres


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