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Distance Education



Education Portal Noida is a portal where the campus seekers can easily ... Category: Education

Magna Publications

Magna Publications has provided the higher education community with valuable ... Category: Education\Publications

Gotham Writers' Workshop Online Science Fiction Class

New York City's largest creative writing school, offers writing classes ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Ivan Hoffman, Attorney at Law

Internet and Intellectual Property. Articles discuss writers' legal issues and ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

People Before Profits Poetry Prize

An annual prize for an original poem on a "people ... Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Interactive Art School

Teaches how to draw and paint using still life perspective. ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

KULC - Utah's Learning Channel

Instructional Television (ITV) for grades K-12, college telecourses, adult education, ... Category: Television\Stations

School of

Tutor assisted online courses for beginners and intermediate photographers. Contents ... Category: Photography\Education

Point Light Gallery and School of Photography

Exhibitions and workshops specialising in the craft and art of ... Category: Photography\Education

Baldini & Vandersluys Photographers

Sponsored 3 day annual workshop for amateurs and professionals, taking ... Category: Photography\Education

Charles Sturt University - Acting

This Bachelor of Arts (Acting for Screen and Stage) degree ... Category: Performing Arts\Theatre Cirque Du Soleil

A little overview of Cirque from, including pictures from ... Category: Performing Arts\Circus

Just Journal

Books and articles about keeping journals for personal growth and ... Category: Online Writing\Journals

Joseph Quesnel

Biography and portrait from Canadian Theatre Encyclopedia focuses on his ... Category: Music\Composition

Charpentier, Gabriel

Short life history with links to related material from the ... Category: Music\Composition

U.Magazine: Joey McIntyre

An article detailing the second rise to fame of Joey ... Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Canadian Theatre Encyclopedia

Profile and credits. Category: Literature\World Literature

Encyclopedia of Canadian Theatre: George Ryga

Biography of the playwright. Category: Literature\World Literature

Canadian Theatre Encyclopedia

Biography, works, and a discussion of Tremblay's importance in Canadian ... Category: Literature\World Literature

The Charlotte Austin Review: What Was Always Hers

Review of Uma Parameswaran's collection of short stories. Category: Literature\World Literature

Canadian Encyclopedia of Theatre: Dennis Foon

Biography and information on his plays. Category: Literature\World Literature

Annick Press

Biography of Kusugak, publications, and teacher's guide for 'Northern Lights: ... Category: Literature\World Literature

Canadian Theatre Encyclopedia

Profile of Carrier. Category: Literature\World Literature

ESL Independent Study Lab

Material organized by language ability and skill area. Detailed explanations ... Category: Education\Language Arts

Worldport ESL

Allows participants to earn distance TESL certification. Information on class ... Category: Education\Language Arts

Delaware County Community College: Reading Department

Resource for teachers and people interested in current issues and ... Category: Education\Language Arts

University of Washington English Language Programs

Quarterly, specialized courses offered for intermediate-advanced students. Requires fee. Category: Education\Language Arts

ERIC Clearinghouse on Reading, English, and Communication

Provides educational materials, services, and coursework related to reading, English, ... Category: Education\Language Arts

Faculty of Arts

Home of all the individual arts faculties. Advice, information, research, ... Category: Education\Colleges and Departments

Sheffield School of Interior Design

Offers a home study course in interior design. Also found ... Category: Design\Interior Design

Rhodec International

Offers accredited interior design training and qualifications. Profile, courses and ... Category: Design\Interior Design


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