Tuesday, 25 October, 2016

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World History


Predictions of Nostradamus

Nostradamus, a famous author of prophecies was born on December ... Category: Education

Gender Studies

Gender is a fundamental aspect of personal and social identity ... Category: Humanities\Cultural Studies

Yatouland Festival

Giant indoor playground for children aged 0-10. Activities include bouncy ... Category: Entertainment

HyperHistory Online Project

Visual chronological relationships worldwide. Famous persons, historical events, empires, political ... Category: Humanities\History

History of Nations

This site has a history of every nation in the ... Category: Humanities\History


HistoryWorld is run by a board of five directors. Four ... Category: Humanities\History

Panoramas: The North American Landscape in Art

Part of the Virtual Museum of Canada, Panoramas is a ... Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Murasaki Shikibu (Lady Murasaki)

Short biography of the author of The Tale of Genji, ... Category: Literature\Authors


Humanities education web sites reviewed for teachers by the National ... Category: Education\Language Arts

History Channel: Speeches

The designer talks about his views on fashion in this ... Category: Design\Fashion


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