Sunday, 22 April, 2018

Art Directories


World Wide Video Festival

An annual international media art festival held in Amsterdam. Festival ... Category: Visual Arts\Resources

Stunned ArtZine

A zine showcasing the work of contemporary artists with galleries ... Category: Visual Arts\Resources


Group of five artists, activists and researchers who organize public ... Category: Visual Arts\Public Art


An online visual game with each choice determining the next ... Category: Visual Arts\Performance Art

Zu Casa

A laboratory for online exhibition and performance of improvised and ... Category: Music\Styles

Open Digi Nights

Demos from digital artists and activists working online and in ... Category: Digital\Events

Napier, Mark:

Includes the Shredder, Digital Landfill, Riot, Pulse, and cBots. Category: Digital\Net Art

Harvey, Auriea and Samyn, Michael: Entropy8Zuper!

Immersive using Flash and Java. Category: Digital\Net Art

Larsson, Jørgen: nossral

Norwegian artist and composer, founder of Bergen centre of Electronic ... Category: Digital\Net Art

s.EXE Interactives - Visual Sequencer

Visual sequencer by Christina Goestl, Renée Mussai, Clitoressa and Friends. ... Category: Digital\Net Art

Banner Art Collective

Creates, collects and distributes and poetry within the limitations ... Category: Digital\Net Art


A moderated mailing list for net criticism, net art, collaborative ... Category: Digital\Resources


Digital arts, poetry, visual art, critical text, independence, transgressive arts, ... Category: Digital\Resources


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