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West End Gallery


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The West End Gallery is known for discovering and presenting the finest examples from a broad spectrum of Canadian painting, one-of-a-kind sculpture and contemporary glass art.

Description: West End Gallery Victoria and Edmonton Contemporary Fine Art
Contemporary fine art gallery representing Canadian painters, sculptors, print makers and glass artists such as Thorn Glass , Altelier Welmo , Tsunami Glassworks , 11th Annual Glass Show Poster , Malcolm MacFadyen, 12th Annual Canadian Glass Show, Alex Anagnostou, Terry Ananny, Phyllis Anderson, Mark Armstrong, Steven Armstrong, Nixie Barton, Alan Bateman, Sylvie Belanger, Susan Belyea, Jan Benda, Kathleen Black, David Blackwood, Elaine Brewer White, Serge Brunoni, Valerie Butters, Holly Carr, Claudette Castonguay, Rod Charlesworth, Paul Chester, Stopher Christensen, Richard Cole, Bruno Côté, Galen Davison, Maciej Dyskiewicz, Diane Ferland, Graham Forsythe, Élène Gamache, Joanne Gauthier, Robert Genn, Len Gibbs, Pierre Giroux, Susan Gottselig, Francine Gravel, Greta Guzek, Bonnie-Helen Hawkins, Robert Held, Catherine Hibbits, Jeff Holmwood, Bonny Houston, Tammy Hudgeon, Patricia Johnston, Pierrette Joly, Taliaferro Jones, Paul Jorgensen, John Kasyn, Marty Kaufman, Brian Kelk, Mostafa Keyhani, Bradley Keys, Irene Klar, Andrew Kuntz, Ronald Labelle, Catherine Labonté, Jean-Gabriel Lambert, David Langevin, Majorie Lapierre, Nicole Laporte, Brent Laycock, Bob Leatherbarrow, Grant Leier, Andris Leimanis, Daniele Lemieux, Melanie Lewis, Jo Ludwig, Don MacLennan, Louise Martineau, Josee Miller, David Montpetit, Kathleen Moors , Jeremy Dane Morris, Jonathan Mossop, Sarah Mulligan, Carol Nesbitt, Elka Nowicka, Caroline Ouellette, Paul Paquette, Mary Pavey, Gilles Payette, Darren Petersen, June Pham, Tina Pickett, Stephen Pon, Patrick Primeau, Carolyn Prowse-Fainmel, Susan Rankin, Julia Reimer, Karen Rieger, Tyler Rock, Bev Rodin, Paull Rodrigue, Mark Roth, Melanie Rowe, Guy Roy, Jacek Rudnicki, Agnieszka Rudnicki, Lisa Samphire, Allen Sapp, Robert Savignac, Doug Scott, Glen Semple, Gerald Sevier, Kit Shing, Peter Shostak, Claude A Simard, Cathy Strokowsky, Cheryl Takacs, David Thai & Tara Marsh , David Thai, Ione Thorkelsson, Don Toney, André Turenne, Catherine Vamvakas Lay, W. H. Webb, Kim Webster, David Williamson, Michelle Wilman, Rachael Wong, Johnson Wu, Henry Xu,

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