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The Public Sphere is a quarterly magazine of intellectual speculation and conversation, with issues in March, June, September, and December. Our specific sections are On Creative Life, On Cultural Life, On the News, On Public Life, and On Religious Life. These sections address a wide range of daily experiences, from fashion to politics to poetry.

Description: The Public Sphere: A Provocative Space of Critical Conversation
The Public Sphere explicitly seeks to question everything we take for granted, whether it be the common news stories in national politics or the minutiae of sporting events that we attend. We seek to engage our writers and readers in long-term, critical conversations about daily public life, regardless of individual beliefs or levels of education. The Public Sphere is not a news magazine and will not tell you who won the latest sporting match unless it is pertinent to a critical essay or discussion on the site. We encourage a range of perspectives and insights. All essays strive to use accessible and engaging prose, and they avoid convoluted jargon and technobabble as much as possible. Moreover, we are committed to making explicit the unspoken codes underlying political and social life.

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