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This is the story of a man from our world who finds himself in another, where magic is real and technology is a thing of fantasy. This is a swords and sandals, down and dirty type of adventure, brought to you in the form of e-novels, Kindle and soft cover. Randy Morden has been described as "a loser in life's game," "the anti-hero" and "the man without faith." He is a former Navy nuclear propulsion technician whom the dark god, Anubis, raised for the sole purpose of trading him to the Fovean god, 'War.' In return, Anubis receives the power to reignite Ra's children and to bring forth a new Egyptian revolution.

Description: Swords & Sorcery - a resource for new science fiction and fantasy authors to come together, and a place where people.
Since leaving the Navy, he's been in sales, pest control, auto repair and .Net programming. He ran his own company specializing in add-on software and then sold it to focus more on his writing. He's very involved in animal rescue, and has two dogs, a cat and two horses which he's rescued and rehabilitated. Although born in Connecticut, he has lived in Orlando, FL; Bremerton, WA; San Diego, CA; and then for the last fourteen years back in Florida. He currently resides on a horse farm in Tennessee.

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