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Remigio Valdes de Hoyos


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Remigio Valdes de Hoyos, born 1958 in northern Mexico, at the industrial city of Monterrey. He began his exploration on visual arts as a self-taught artist when he was thirteen years old, but at the insistence of his parents, he studied architecture at the Autonomous National University of Mexico. From 1975 on he has devoted himself entirely to the arts.

Description: Remigio Valdes de Hoyos
In 1978 he moved to Paris and began training in copper engraving at the Lacouriere- Frelaut workshop. In 1984, he worked with Andrew Vlady, who directs the Kyron lithography workshop in Mexico City. In 1997, having acquired great experience at the Puebla Uriarte Factory in Mexico, he began incorporating Talavera Ceramics techniques into his works. In 1998 he was awarded a scholarship by the Starke Cultural Foundation in Berlin, Germany, to work & exhibit there, after which, in 1999, he decided to settle in Montreal, Canada, so fascinated was he by the energy which the city exudes and has lived there ever since.

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