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Raindrops - Handcrafted Ceramics and Jewelry


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We offer broad selection of handcrafted jewelry and ceramics: from organic and earthy quality to elegant and sophisticated designs. Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, Elena Miller obtained a B.S. and M.S.
degree in marketing and economics from the Institute of Commerce. She has always had a special interest in art, worked as a Marketing Director in the Museum of History of St. Petersburg (Peter & Paul Fortress) and with many well known Russian artists. While traveling all over the world she enjoyed learning about the richness of new cultures and art, meeting new people and observing their lives. One of the great strengths of art is that it crosses the border, fuses cultural differences and opens your mind. My art is truly
international; it is inspired by diverse cultures and beauty of nature; it is the expression how I see the world.

Description: Inspired by Nature Handcrafted Jewelry and Ceramics
New Valentine's Jewelry Collection. Shop all clearance necklaces in our winter sale jewelry collection 2010 and save up to 70%. Our handcrafted necklaces are inspired by nature. New stylish handmade earrings. Zen Ceramic Gallery. Unforgettable eyeglassholders.

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