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Pawel Nowosielski


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My name is Paul and I'am the author of this www page. When the first time several years ago I decided to create my internet's world, I know that beginnings will be difficult. And it was not easily. I know, that before me many work, antil I will come to decent level. I learnt on my own mistakes - coming to perfection and this level, which I was't to shame today. Why I created this side? The answer is wery simple. First I wont to appear in big internet world. To add to millions of peaples who create internet pages and make to meet new interesting peoples. But first of all I decided to appear for these, which I knew once, and with one contact stopped and our roads in natural way broke up somewhere there.

Description: Pawel Nowosielski
I think about my friends with elementary, average and higher school, and about my other friends. I hope so, someone with them maby today, tomorrow, or day after tomorrow, foundling this side and thanks this again we will link contact. And now several words about me.

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